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January 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#1



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Rid Yourself of Virus

After a recent attack of cold sores, I asked the Omnidimensional Beings "How can I rid my body of virus attacks of all and any kinds?" This is their response:

Virus exist in all dimensions and in some are the main life form. However, the virus always hold the same specific range of frequency no matter in which dimensions they are residing. So the virus in your dimension are vibrating at the same frequency as the virus in all other dimensions.

There is a frequency that attracts virus. Just as you tune your radio to a particular station, so too does the virus tune into this specific frequency. When you radiate or emit the specific frequency within the vibrational frequency of the virus, it is like an alarm going off, alerting the virus to the existence of you through your frequency.

There is a very specific frequency within the range of your emission which is the energy upon which virus feed. So there is a range of frequency at which virus vibrate and exist, and within that range of frequency is the specific frequency upon which virus feed.

So to defend yourself from virus, your first actions need be to make yourself invisible to them by insuring that you don't emit the frequency that alerts them to your presence. Secondly, you need to eliminate from your vibrational range that frequency upon which they feed.

Because they are simple life forms, their make-up is simple. This relates directly to their vibration. Beings of more complex make-up have a higher frequency than beings that are more simple and less complex. Therefore, the vibrations of virus are very low. Using your measuring method for frequency, they are within the range of 45 hz to 50 hz.

Virus are energy beings that exist everywhere and in all substances - air, water, and solid objects. It is only when they enter into a living being that they may cause harm. They do so by invading the DNA within the cells and changing it with the energy of their being via the method of entrainment. As the DNA of a cell is changed to the frequency of the virus, the entire cell becomes a lower frequency virus cell. It then has the ability to entrain healthy, higher frequential cells nearby in order to lower their frequency. Thus is what you term "illness" and "disease" introduced to your body.

When this occurs within a human, one of two things will occur. The first is that the cells in the body which have the purpose of protecting it from such invasions go to work and fight the virus cells, killing them. The second is that the human, as a response to their discomfort, uses some form of counter measure to kill off the virus, such as medications both internal and external.

This is why it is of the utmost importance for you to keep the frequency of your body above that of the virus. It is of vital importance that you look to what you eat. It is within these foodstuffs that you will find the ingredients that lower your frequency, weaken your body, and allow the virus to enter it. Ingest only those foodstuffs that are of a higher frequency than that of virus.

You can raise the frequency of any and all food and drink taken into your body by blessing it. Send it pure white light, say a prayer over it, state a command that its frequency be raised to the highest. Any one of these blessings and others of this sort will raise the frequency of the food and drink you take into your body to a high enough vibrational rate so it will not attract the virus. Nor will it allow your body to become food for virus.

Additionally, be aware of your energy level regarding your emotions. They, too, can become food for virus if they are at a low enough frequency.

In regards to protecting yourself from virus being attracted to you via your emotional energy, you can employ the use of pure white light, which is of an extremely high frequency, as a protective barrier around your body. Doing so disallows the virus to sense anything beyond the barrier, thereby effectively making you invisible to them.

Of the two options for ridding yourself of all virus - prevention and cure - the former is the wisest choice. Prevention completely avoids invasion of the virus and thus the downtime of feeling ill, allowing you to continue in your good work.

We recommend the use of all that will raise the frequency of your physical body as well as the energy which surrounds you. Pure white light is one of the most simple and easily accessible methods in all cases and in all ways to prevent virus from invading your physical bodily systems.


Bellingham Unity and Wise Awakening
Metaphysical and Wellness Fair!

The Bellingham Unity Church is doing it again! Their events are always especially wonderful. Great people, lots of readers, healers, and products... all within the incredibly love-filled and peaceful energy of this church. It's truly an amazing experience to be in this space with these people.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Psychic readers, astrologers, and Tarot readers
  • Vibrational healers, energy healers, and chakra balancing
  • Crystals and gemstones
  • Beautiful jewelry and clothing
  • Spiritual art
  • Holistic healing products
  • Door prizes
  • And of course I'll be there!

I'll have my brand new Omnidimensional Oracles book available for sale and I'll personally autograph it for you. And I'll be doing readings with the Omnidimensional Oracles cards as well as specially selected Tarot.

All my CDs - The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, Akashic Wisdom Retrieval, DNA Re-encoding, and Manifesting Through the Chakras - will be at Fair Special discounted sale prices.

Special Event!!
Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA GROUP Activation!
1pm (during the fair)
No fee!

Come to this rare special event and experience the activation of your 12 DNA strands. It's been several years since I've done a group DNA activation and I can tell you that this is a most powerful experience for those who participate. I'm gifting this activation to those of you who are ready to step up to the next level of your spiritual and human evolution. If you've already experienced this activation and would like to do it again, please join us.

Saturday January 28, 2017 - 10:00 am to 4:00 PM
Bellingham Unity
1095 Telegraph Road, Bellingham, WA
F-R-E-E Admission

Omnidimensional Oracle
32. Priority

There is in all things a priority which must be honored and obeyed for the greater good. Should this priority be ignored, disarray and potential disharmony will follow.

It is the nature of your world, and thus there is a law for this nature, one which dictates that there must be order or sequence in all creation and in all efforts of creating. You cannot create a beautiful soul-stirring painting without the first priority of having the materials with which to paint. The next priority would then be to have the talent and the knowledge of how to use the materials.

In all of creation and in all of life priority reigns. One cannot have life without first having the necessary ingredients. Once the ingredients are gathered, they must be prioritized in order of necessity.

In all choice a process of prioritization occurs. That which is less necessary is reprioritized to an appropriately lesser state or more minor relative position. The process of prioritization continues until at last only the most important, most relevant priority remains.

And so it is in all things. Natural selection, as you call it, is nothing more than a process of prioritizing, during which decisions are made about which characteristics are most suitable to the sustained continuance of any species.

All choices are based on the process of priority. It is only the characteristics, the desired qualities, that make a difference in any choice. The simple decision of what to have for dinner, for example, is based on prioritizing such as dietary needs, body or physical cravings, other dinner companions' desires, and availability of food stuffs. Quite often dietary needs are prioritized far down the list and physical craving are prioritized toward the top. Or so we've noticed.

Examination of the priorities themselves in any one incident or proposed decision may often re-prioritize the order of that which is deemed most important. As nothing remains the same, reprioritizing may rightly become a top priority in itself. It is wise, therefore, to constantly be examining that which is most highly prioritized to determine if it truly is most important in the current situation or circumstances.

In order to hone your decision-making capabilities so as to guarantee the most effective and beneficial results, regular practice of examining your priorities is wise. It is only by regular use of this practice that you can be assured of making correct and appropriate choices in any given moment.

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