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October 15 , 2015
Vol.#12 Issue#15


12 Strand DNA Activation


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Akashic Wisdom Retrieval

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Under One Roof
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Omnidimensional channeling

Having just emerged from yet another Mercury Retrograde period, I thought this was appropriate.

As a seed becomes a plant it emerges from the dark, rich, nurturing soil. It knows without knowing that it must reach upward as it grows and expands. At last, it breaks through the containment of the soil and experiences the light for the first time.

This, then, is what awaits all, for everything is at one time in an incubation stage of life. It is when the most important growth occurs. The very core of what the seed is to become is created during this stage... when all activity is hidden. All growth, change, and development occurs in the dark.

If the seed is to emerge from its dark womb too early, it will not be prepared for the challenges that await it. The needed strength of hearty roots will not be available and it may easily be blown away by the wind or washed away by a deluge of rain. Without its strong roots it cannot absorb the nutrients it needs from the soil in order to continue its growth.

And so there is a similarity between the seed and all newnesses within one's life.

Timing is of the utmost importance for proper emergence from one world into the next, from the dark incubatory world into the world of light. All must be in readiness, primed for this momentous occasion from whence it will emerge.

All that is newly emerged requires strong roots for a strong foundation on which expansion and growth can occur safely. A weak foundation guarantees a weak structure. It is only those with a strong root system, a substantial foundation, that emerge into the new world and thus have the ability to grow strongly and correctly.

This is true of more than only the seed. The seed is a metaphor for all that lies unseen, growing and becoming that which is destined to emerge into the new world. This includes ideas, beliefs, plans, desires, and all other intangibles that might emerge from the dark to become tangible.

When an idea first comes to exist with the spark of life, it is like the seed. It harbors within itself the potential for wonders and greatness or the possibility that it may shrivel and die. What makes the difference is the health of the foundational root system before it emerges into the light.

As a relationship between two people begins, the health and success of the relationship depends greatly on that which has been unseen yet growing. Each one will have developed inner qualities that emerge as they interact with others. How these qualities have grown and developed while they were seeds within affects how they appear as they emerge. If each person has strong, healthy inner qualities, then those qualities will emerge as beneficial to and instrumental in maintaining a strong, healthy relationship.

Such is the basis of all healthy growth. It begins inside and emerges at the appropriate time to expand into the world for the betterment of all. It cannot be rushed or artificially sped up, but must develop on its own time in order to be wholly ready for the time when it will emerge. It is vitally important, then, that all be in readiness, that proper nourishment be given during the time of inner growth and development, so that it might be ready for an optimum emergence into the light of the new world.

It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that the development in the unseen world must be complete before the attempt to emerge. Else conditions will occur that bring disasters. The work of growth in the dark unseen is the most important stage of anything that is desired to emerge into the seen world.


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Symbol of the Month


From the book Zibu, The Power of Angelic Symbology by Debbie Z.

Follow the energy of this symbol, either with your eyes or by drawing it with pen or color crayon on paper.

Although there are no directions on where to start, I like to take a few moments to connect with the energy. As I do so, I sense a starting point for the energy and follow it as it flows around. I sense that each downward stroke is connecting me to the physical 3D world and the upward strokes are a visit to the spiritual realms. The circling movements I sense as the swirling of energies of both spiritual and physical blend so I can understand the higher wisdom received in meditation with this symbol.

Suggested uses:

  • Draw the symbol over your heart or appropriate part of your body with a pen, body paints, or henna tattoo.
  • Using a colored felt pen or paint, draw the symbol on paper and hang it on your wall in an area of your home where you meditate and could use the energy of the symbol
  • Place the image on your Treasure Map to help you awaken to your highest potential.

I invite you to play with this beautiful symbol and discover what it has to offer you.

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