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February 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#2



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12 Strand DNA Activation


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Incoming Eclipse Energies

Just before the first eclipse of February, I was nudged to connect with the Omnidimensional Beings as I sensed that they had a message for me - one they wished to be shared with others. Although the first eclipse has passed, this may help explain what you experienced as well as give you information to prepare for the next eclipse at the end of this month.

We would tell you of upcoming potentials for events so that when they occur, you are prepared.

There is coming an energy that may affect you and yours to the extent that you need some forewarning in order to succeed in creating the best outcome as a result of this energy. It is coming from beyond your Universe and portends great changes for you personally as well as for your kind.

The purpose of this energy is to further awaken you and all of humanity to awareness of your true reality. This energy was created by those who have been instrumental in your evolution since the time of your very beginning as a species of human.

This was not done frivolously, the creation of this energy. It has been vetted by all who are involved in and with your evolution. This includes the original creators as well as all the multitudes who have been a part of this grand experiment. All actions by these beings that were involved in redirection of your evolution have been carefully considered by not only the original creators, but by all who have been a part of this experience of yours. This includes the collective of humanity, by the way. You are not victims, but are active, powerful participants in this experience.

The energy that is surging toward you now will be a part of the upcoming eclipse energies. An astrological event is one of the methods used to introduce and integrate specific energies to you.

The first eclipse will awaken and activate certain areas of your DNA. The results will not be noticed immediately but will be gradual, occurring over the next three to nine months, depending upon the current state of each human's awareness and openness.

What you will discover is a certainty about sensing the truth. The reason for this is to open you to a new ability to sense more refined energies that other humans are emitting and radiating outward, much like your radio or TV signals. For some of you it may open you to new awareness of the much greater truths of your being and purpose, both personally and as a part of the collective of humanity.

There will be no difference in what you sense from animals, since they are unable to communicate anything but the truth. It is only humans that are able to conceal their true thoughts and feelings, not only from others but also from themselves.

What you will do with this newfound ability is what all in the Universe are excited to discover.

The second eclipse, coming in a very few weeks, sends energy to your planet for the purpose of firmly grounding and embedding the previous energy within each of you. This serves to solidify the energy of the previous eclipse, making that energy easier for you to utilize in a manner that will benefit each and all of you.

This is much needed now on your planet, and specifically by your species. The challenges you have set up for yourselves in the now are at the far edges of what you are capable of attaining. Thus it was determined by the original creators, and approved by all concerned, that it is timely and appropriate for you to be given assistance in the form of this energy.

It is nothing new, since it has always resided within your DNA encoding. However, it is new in usage by you, since this programming has been deactivated in your DNA since your beginning. It was originally included as a potential that might be needed and necessary at some point in your evolution. That point has arrived.

And so we alert you to this energy so that you may be aware of it and begin to use it for its greatest and most beneficial potential. It is time for this step in your evolution to occur. All has been set up for and by your species in readiness for this occurrence.

Use the energy wisely and you will reap great rewards. Use it unwisely and you will notice nil. It can only be used for the highest and best purposes. Any attempt to use it otherwise will result in the activation being temporarily shut down, until the usage is shifted to a higher plane. At that time, the DNA encoding will once again activate. It is quite a wondrous fail-safe, is it not?

Soon you will begin to feel this change, this new activation of the encoding within your DNA to naturally and easily know the truth and its opposites as it is expressed by others.

Remember to use this ability for the highest and best good for all.


Life Coaching with Tarot

Unlock your inner wisdom during a coaching session with use of the Tarot, an ancient and time-honored tool used for the purpose of obtaining Higher Wisdom.

The Tarot has been used for centuries by people to gain deeper knowledge about the issues and challenges that were facing them.

With the knowledge you'll gain from the Tarot, you'll have new-found options from which you can choose to improve your life.

The benefits of using Tarot with life coaching include:

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  • opening to a wider range of opportunities available to you
  • having more fun in coaching... and in life
  • enhancing your inner wisdom
  • opening your creative channel
  • extending your array of choices

Omnidimensional Oracle
38. Seeds

As in all beginnings, there is a seed. The seed represents the potential of a specific form. An apple seed, once germinated, will grow an apple tree. It cannot grow into a broccoli plant or a daffodil.

So, too, are the seeds of the human mind specific as to what they will become, once germinated. The seeds which an artist grows will become a creation of a particular type. For example, a cellist will grow music from her seeds of potential. An industrial engineer may grow new, more efficient machinery from his seeds of thought. Both are artists, and yet each has their own unique seeds of creation.

One who has seeds yet does nothing to encourage their germination will grow nothing. In all instances a seed needs the correct care in order to germinate and thus grow into its potential.

In respect to their needs, the seeds which are given the human mind are no different than the seeds a farmer sows. All have the same needs in order to germinate, thrive, and produce.

For example, the farmer's seeds firstly need water in order to germinate and begin their life. Not just any water will bring a seed to germination. Poisoned, polluted water will maim or even kill the seed before it can even being its life journey. So it is with the seeds of the mind.

All seeds need to be carefully tended until they are of a stage in their growth when they can withstand the harsher elements. Seed ideas, once germinated, need to be protected until they've grown into stronger form. Should they be subjected to the harshness of certain elements, such as negative criticism, jealousy, and ridicule, before they are strong enough to withstand them, they may shrivel and die. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to protect your freshly germinated idea seeds until the time that they are ready to emerge into the light for all to see.

When the seed of an idea is complete with its growth, it is ready to be harvested. Only the grower, the creator, will know when this time arrives.

Care for the seeds of your ideas and they will become productive and valuable realities. Nothing happens by accident. If you have a seed of an idea, it is for you to nurture it, care for it, and grow it into a reality.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

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