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June 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#6



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Under One Roof
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Incoming Energies

The Omnis tapped me on my shoulder to let me know they had a message to share. As always, it is timely and of importance. I've shared it with a few friends and they all responded by sharing how they've noticed the new energies and how they are affecting them. So now I share it with you in the hope that it helps you understand what's going on and gives you comfort in knowing that you're not alone in this phenomenon.

We have a message of some import to relay to you. It is of good news and yet also requires something of you, from you, in order to make the good thing manifest.

It is for you to open to new energies that are coming onto the Earth at this time. These energies began injecting themselves into your planet some time ago. However they are now of a numerical quantity that they and their effect on you and their purpose need to be addressed.

These energies, when they interact with the Third Dimensional properties on your planet and in your dimension, will shift what you currently know as reality. At first the change will be quite subtle, almost unnoticeable except by those who are aware of and sensitive to energies. As the quantity of this energy increases, more will become aware of them until all beings on your planet will know of these energies and will be aware of experiencing them.

What will that experience be like, you question. Although each human experience may be unique, there will be similarities that all will experience.

The first and most important awareness of the energy will be an uncomfortableness with lower based frequential energies, which to this point you have allowed and are used to. These energies manifest as untruths which cause additional lower based frequencies to be created and to exist. Each incident, each creation of an untruth compounds, folds over onto itself, to create another form of the same. Thus it continues to exist.

Each time it folds over onto itself, the form it creates may appear to be a different manifestation, but it is the same. It is just shifted a bit into a seemingly unique form. It is, however, always the same form, always the same untruth.

Now comes the new energy which disallows you to be comfortable or accepting of these lower energies such as the one of untruth. There will be resistance to this change by many if not most humans, but it is inevitable that this change shall occur nonetheless. It is a part of the shift on your planet to higher frequential energies which you have been working toward for many of your years. It began when you, as a conglomerate of consciousness, agreed to and voted for the ability to take your power. This event you call The Harmonic Convergence.

As you have continued on your path of raising your consciousness and, thus, your energetic frequency, you are attracting to you new energies of higher frequency. This is what you have named The Law of Attraction, and it is a Universal Law as well as a personal law. As above, so below.

As you, each of you, personally experience raising your own energy, you also add to the collective energy of all in your dimension and on your planet. This, then, attracts to your planet energies of higher frequencies. These energies support you, personally and collectively, in not only continuing on your path of raising your energetic frequencies, but they also act as a fail-safe to keep you from going backward into lower frequential energies. This makes it extremely difficult for you to choose other than moving into higher and higher frequential energies.

It is for you, each of you, to examine your reality now and become aware of that which needs changing. Then step into action and make the needed and wanted change to occur. The more quickly you do so, the easier it will be. As a character in one of your spaceage television shows says, "Resistance is futile". The change to higher frequential energy will occur. How easily and smoothly this transition occurs is up to you. Allow it to come to you and the shift will be easy. Resist and it will become more and more difficult until you finally acquiesce.

This is all part of what you, all of you, came here to do. And you are succeeding, contrary to how it may appear to you now.

As you know, when an existing structure has become dysfunctional it must either be repaired or rebuilt, depending upon the degree of its dysfunctionality. Your systems are structures, and the governmental system in your country has become dysfunctional beyond simple repair. It must be rebuilt.

In order for a structure to be rebuilt, the existing structure must first be demolished so the new can be built in its place. Demolition is never pretty, tidy, or clean. However, it is often necessary. What is to be built in its place is always greater, more functional, and of better benefit. Know this and remember it as you go through the upcoming days.

And know, too, that the new energy coming to your planet, your dimension, and to you, is one that will aid and support you as you create the new and better world.

The Omnis and Kathy

The Interdimensional
12 Strand DNA Activation

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The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation download includes the guided visualization for the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy. Enjoy the sounds of the Sacred Solfeggio tones as they enhance your experience of your activation. Also included are pre-activation and post-activation instructions and information.

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Omnidimensional Oracle
37. Clarity

In all endeavors you must have clarity of purpose or the end result will be less than desired. Lack of clarity may cause damage and even complete failure or destruction of that which is under progress of being created.

You cannot build a house, a car, a business, or a relationship without clarity of purpose. To do so is to construct without any plans whatsoever, bringing unknown, unexpected, and potentially undesirable results into being.

A necessary requirement of clarity is focus, for without focus your vision tends to wander. The result is a definitive lack of clarity. In all things clarity brings about pleasing results. It is ancillary to and yet necessarily part of the creation process.

As you progress in your creations, regularly checking your clarity of purpose is of great importance. Each occasion in which clarity is examined offers the opportunity to insure that progression is in alignment with the prime purpose. If any irregularities are discovered it is more simple, in most cases, to correct them at the point of discovery rather than at completion.

Clarity is more than simply staying in alignment with, say, the intent to build a home. There is always a higher perspective in all creations other than the physical manifestation of the seed idea. There is much associated with any project, most of which is unseen and unsensed.

The aspects to which you might apply clarity are numerous. Quality of construction is one consideration. Visual pleasantness is another aspect to which clarity may be applied. Comfort and suitability for the intended use are additional and important aspects on which to gain clarity. Other such aspects may be of integral importance and are in need of regular, if not constant, checks regarding your clarity.

Before a project or a creation is begun, it would behoove all who are involved to gain clarity on the many aspects entailed in the process and in the intended result. This includes such as those involved in the manufacture or creation of the project as well as the designers and those for whom its use is intended.

A record of the aspects may well be created for reference during the process of creation and production. These points of clarity may then be referred to often and regularly by any and all members of the group who care to retain the clarity necessary for the desired results.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

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