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July 15, 2016
Vol.#1 Issue#7

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

Jim Rohn


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Omnidimensional Oracle: Direction

Beginning this month as the featured article in this newsletter I'm going to be sharing one of the 66 Oracles given to me by the Omnidimensional Beings. I hope you enjoy them and find them to be of value to you on your life journey.

The common concept of direction is that it is a linear energy and that it is monodirectional. This is an incomplete definition of direction. Direction is more completely defined as a multidirectional energy.

In truth, direction contains any and all movement. Direction in other dimensions and worlds is more of a radiating energy than a movement toward only one destination.

And so it is with all life. The direction that any living thing might take is not limited to any specific number. All directions are available, always.

This is important to know as you are making choices and creating your life day by day, thought by thought. Many directions can be simultaneously traveled. And they should be, for such diversity results in a much grander life experience.

In a polaric reality the tendency is to succumb to only one or another of the choices/directions available. This is, to say the least, extremely limiting in the opportunities for experiences available and the resultant learning.

To open yourself to more if not all of the complete kaleidoscope of directions available is to make limitless the experiential purpose of life.

In all, there are multitudes of directions you may take so as to broaden the spectrum of your life experience. Vast and rich are the rewards for those who opt for multiple directions rather than a single one.

Even those who opt for seemingly only one direction by choosing to live in one place for an entire lifetime or to perform one only type of vocation all their working years have many opportunities to choose varied directions.

The experience of living in one locale or one home for your entire life can still offer many variations within the theme of sameness. If you could take time lapse photography of a single room in a home for even as brief a period of time as one week, the many variations of energies due to the people, the weather, the time of day, and more would give just a sample of the varied directions of the energies you might experience in that one small space and in that one small piece of time.

Imagine, then, how the field of directions opens up as the time period is expanded or the size of the locale grows. So many different directions, all offering new and unique experiences, from which you can learn and grow are available, always.

Whether the directions chosen are those that propel you toward things, people, events, and more, or whether those things are propelled toward you, they all indicate movement. It matters not which the direction or how the direction appears and takes form. What does matter most is that you take advantage of the largest amount of directions possible, thereby insuring the greatest life experiences and thus, growth (which in itself is a direction).


ps. I invite you to play with this beautiful symbol and discover what it has to offer you. Take a few moments to connect with the energy of this symbol. Then follow the energy, either with your eyes or by drawing it with pen or color crayon on paper. As you do so, you can more easily understand the higher wisdom that may be received in meditation with this symbolic oracle.

It's Evolutionary!!
Omnidimensional Oracles:
Universal Knowledge and Practical Wisdom for Human Evolution

The knowledge and wisdom contained within this collection of 66 symbols and their definitions was given to me by those who are called Omnidimensional Beings. These beings have been sharing their loving wisdom and gentle knowledge with me for several years.

During those years I've shared their beneficent messages with others through private sessions, monthly articles in The Sedona Journal, and this newsletter.

For over a year I've been working with the Omnis, as I call them, creating and producing this book of symbols. The symbols included in this book are simple in form yet powerful in use. With each one is given their higher meaning and how you can use this knowledge and wisdom in your daily life.

These symbols can take you from the very beginning stages of understanding Universal concepts to the greater use of them to improve the quality of your life.

As the Omnidimensional Beings said, "Symbols hold the energy of truth about the structure of your world and how it works. When used with proper intent, these symbols then become oracles of great knowledge and wisdom. All will benefit from a consultation with these symbols."

Read more about the Omnidimensional Oracles book here.

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You were born into this world for a purpose. You have important work to do - work that only you can do to be of the greatest good and highest service. This work is your life purpose.

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If you're not familiar with this work, it's the 12-part program that guides you step by step to remember and to easily and effectively integrate it into your life.

The book is chock full of simple, fun, yet powerful exercises that illuminate your life purpose and then guide and support you to truly live your highest purpose. Examples are:

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