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Palo Santo

Palo Santo is one of the new oils from Ecuador. The name means Holy Wood. Latino people in Ecuador and Pero use it like the people in the Middle East use Frankincense. They use it to drive away evil spirits. They also burn it as incense sticks and use it as an insect repellent. The natives in the jungles use in their fires to keep away lice and ticks.

Palo Santo trees are protected and cannot be cut down. When Palo Santo dies naturally and falls to the ground, the wood begins producing the oil. Within five years the oil can be extracted from the dead wood. The oil is distilled from trees that have been dead two or more years. The old wood is ground into sawdust to produce the most oil. The darker the sawdust, the more oil that is produced.

Although Palo Santo is similar in chemical composition to Frankincense, Ecuador oils are more powerful because of the volcanic ash that they grow in. Palo Santo has different constituents than Frankincense, but some of them are the same, such as pinene and limonene. These two consituents are actually higher in Palo Santo than in Frankincense. Palo Santo is very high in Limonene (55% - 65%), which is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-imflammatory, anti-tumora, and immune stimulating. Palo Santo has high levels of Alpha-Terpineol and Carvacrol.

Uses for Palo Santo

  • Diffuse
  • Apply to the tongue sublingually
  • Put a couple drops in drinking water
  • Massage on the spine and chest
  • Use a cotton swab to apply in nostrils
  • Apply to ears for infection
  • Put a drop or two on the brain stem to alleviate depression
  • Apply under the nose before breathing in all the bacteria on an airplane

A patient with nasal polyps swabbed the inside of the nose with Palo Santo on a cotton swab. He did this periodically, not consistently, and even with the erratic application, after 6 weeks the polyps disappeared and haven't returned.

If you have congested lungs, massage the back with 10 drops in V6 oil.

For sties or pink eye, you can rub Palo Santo around the eyes. One drop each of Palo Santa and Myrrh round closed eyes. Keep the eyes closed for 2-3 minutes until fumes are gone.

For a detached retina, add Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, Sandalwood.

For arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, use Palo Santo. Palo Santo will reduce inflammation immediately.

A young man in Australia had damaged cartilege in his knees that regenerated with topical use of Palo Santo.

A pulled miniscus went away with applications of Palo Santo.

Experiences of Palo Santo

Here's how Palo Santo has already helped me. I am topically using Palo Santo. I have begun to apply Palo Santo to my lower back (degenerative disk disease), my neck (degenerative disk disease), my left shoulder with scar tissue left by 2 surgeries and the beginning of another bur to be removed. I also applied Palo Santo to my right foot that I recently injured by overdoing my exercises. Immediately the pain decreased in all areas. I have been using the oil going on two weeks, I have noticed considerable less pain already especially in my foot and lower back. I have also noticed that I am pain-free longer in between oil treatments.

Lee B.

Wow, Palo Santo is turning into an amazing oil. Here are three ways that I have used it lately with incredible results.

Relaxation: I was totally stressed out one evening. When I went to relax after a very tense day I immediately went into a full body migraine. My husband pulled the Palo Santo out of his pocket and said, "Here smell this." There was an immediate relaxation of my entire body. It was wonderful. Within seconds the migraine was gone. Pretty awesome!

After watching "What the Bleep do we know" just recently, I totally understood addiction and how to change it. We can be addicted to anything and it is the brain hormones and proteins that we get to change. So I have been having my patients who are addicted to negative thinking and low self worth issues smell Palo Santo several times a day while they spend 15 minutes at a time thinking about the successes in their childhood and adulthood. It is making the light shine in their eyes again and increasing self worth.

I have had three patients lately who all had brain stem cancer surgery. And another couple of patients with other what I call death wish dis-eases. I do the vitaflex on the brain stem like Gary taught us and included Palo Santo in the mix. WOW! Huge energetic changes are occurring after I added Palo Santo. And it is an almost instant change in the attitudes and health of the patients. One in particular with anorexia changed over night to loving herself and being more cheerful. We are going to do her again and again until she begins to eat! We have faith she will the first treatment was so profound!

Dr. LeAnne

The new Palo Santo applied to a skin tag totally died and came off. Moles on the neck dried up and came off as well as reduced another one in size.

Nancy S.

This oil seems to be helping the joint discomfort in my knees.

Shauna D.

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