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Candida Testimonials

Clove is very anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial. It is anti-carcinogenic, especially for lymphoma, leukemia. It can be used with Frankincense and Ledum in massage. Don't give lymphoma and leukemia clients deep tissue massage (this can spread these diseases). But you can apply these oils like a gentle lotion to be helpful. Clove can be helpful to fight Candida. A good recipe for this is 3 drops Clove, 4 drops Rosemary, 1 drop Mountain Savory and 5-6 drops Melaleuca alternifolia.

Gary Young

I mix the lemonade pretty much as the Stanley Burroughs recipe, although this last time I tried Agave instead of maple syrup. It's not as delicious, but apparently they've discovered at the Clinic that yeast can survive the fast with maple syrup, but not Agave. I do drink Lemon oil in my water during the Master Cleanse.


I have had success dealing with Candida by eating therapeutic amounts of virgin coconut oil. I used to have vaginal symptoms as well as all kinds of systemic ones and since I've been eating the VCO, it is a night and day difference. The first couple of weeks on the oil, I had bad die-off symptoms but then it all cleared up and it's been great! And it's getting my thyroid in balance.


Recipe for Candida: Candida, bloating, sweet cravings etc. 10 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 2-3 drops Melaleuca alternifolia in a gel cap. Clarification - The oils are blended and kept in a bottle. Each capsule will contain 2 or 3 drops of the blend. Put the blend in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Take one of the capsules 2 times each day between meals. Take for one week. Do not eat any sugar during this time period of treatment.

Here are some recipes to assist with Candida. Indian Cucumber Raita drink - Blend all ingredients together in blender. Pour into glass half filled with ice and garnish with mint and cucumber. 1 serving 1 cup seeded and diced cucumber, 6 tablespoons plain live yogurt (I prefer Goat's - or use kefir instead of the yogurt and milk combo), 6 tablespoons milk, 8-12 mint leaves, squeeze of Lime juice, salt to taste and sprig mint, slice of cucumber, to garnish.

First it is important to realize that Candida is a fungal infection. Fungi are everywhere and when they are kept under control they are harmless, even helpful. It is when they get out of control that we see a systemic Candidiasis. This condition occurs when we feed the naturally occurring fungus in our bodies too many acid forming foods such as white sugar, most grains, nuts and animal proteins. First of all I would have your friend try to avoid acid forming foods and stick to an alkaline diet - LOTS of root vegetables and fruits. I would also suggest a liver cleanse. Last but not least, have your friend start using Royaldophilus, which contains beneficial bacteria and Stevia, a significant source of plant-derived fructooligosacchari fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Some oils that c alternifolia, Thieves, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Myrrh. If you have an EDR, Candida is listed under fungal infections and gives more detail about application and protocol.


Started ParaFree again yesterday. It is helpful for Candida also, as I recall have to remember that yeast needs sugar for food and starch to nest in, so if you want to cleanse yourself of Candida, the most important step is getting sugar and starch out of your diet. Also, coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and has been a huge help for me in clearing the Candida. When I first started on it, I had gotten the sugar and refined carbohydrates out of my diet for a few weeks prior and a few days after I began eating 3-5 tablespoons a day of the virgin coconut oil, I had a yeast die off healing crisis that lasted about a week (mild fatigue, achy joints, fuzzy brain.) If I hadn't experienced it before, I wouldn't have known what it was and it would have worried me but boy, was it worth it! When it cleared up, I felt like a new person! I can hardly wait to see how great I feel after this current parasite cleanse!


Recipes for Candida - Formula - 10 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 2-3 drops Melaleuca alternifolia in a gel cap. The oils are blended and kept in a bottle. Each capsule will contain 2 to 3 drops of the blend, cut with V6 or vegetable oil.

Since I know that I am not the only one who has been suffering with terrible rashes lately, I thought I'd better post my newfound success right away. If you remember, I've been having a hard time with an inflamed, swollen, raw, horribly itchy, weeping rash between my fingers and on my fingertips and knuckles. I've tried everything I could think of and lots of great suggestions that everyone here thought of. It was finally suggested to me that my detox might be yeast related, i.e. Candida. So I got to researching. After taking a Candida survey, I realized that I did indeed have plenty of symptoms, but still wasn't sure what I should do. I finally called up my sponsor, who also runs a Candida group, and she gave me some great suggestions that seem to be working. Here's what I've done. I'm on a strict Candida diet - lots of fresh vegetables, occasionally a little poultry, NO sugar, NO refined foods, NO vinegar, NO dairy and NO grains. The first few days were rough, but now I'm feeling great. I've even managed to lose 11 pounds without feeling hungry. I apply a good quality, organic coconut oil directly to the rash several times a day and before bed. When my rash was weeping, I would first soak my hand in hydrogen peroxide to pull out all that nasty fluid. I no longer wear cotton gloves to bed or apply any product that will seal in the moisture. This was actually helping the yeast grow. I also stir-fry vegetables with my coconut oil and even drink a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it. It's a nice bedtime tonic. It actually doesn't taste bad. I thought it would be gross, but it's not. Every day until my hands stopped weeping, I took one dose of Gary Young's antibiotic formula. I started this because my hands just screamed Infection. Right now I'm not ingesting any oils except Lemon in my water. Now for the results! The rash is no longer weeping and is healing rapidly. In less than a few days, my skin stopped cracking and bleeding. A week later, I no longer got the tiny boils that would erupt during the evenings. I expect that my rash will be completely gone in another week or so. Since the coconut oil does get a little messy, especially at bedtime, I recently bought a baby lotion made with the same coconut oil and essential oils (therapeutic grade!). Amazing, huh? It seems to work just as well as the oil itself without being as runny. I know this may not work for everyone who has so thoughtfully written to me over the last few weeks, but this is REALLY working well for me. It certainly can't hurt to try. I know we've all been getting pretty desperate. I do have to say that the diet is a BIG part of the healing. If I dare to eat the slightest bit of my forbidden foods, I start itching within the hour. Anyway, I hope this helps some of you. I'm so looking forward to having healthy, rash-free hands again. I really miss my oils. I do know that I'll be diluting for a long time until my body has detoxed enough to tolerate full strength again. Good luck to everyone suffering with this nasty rash.

Barely itching in Florida, Melissa

I have been dealing with Yeast also and here is what has helped for me. Royaldolphilus: As often as I can get 2 down on an empty stomach I do. Oregano in gel caps. First I started with 2 a day. After the 1st week I went to 1 a day. Usually 7 drops Oregano then 8-10 drops of either Lemon or Orange to put the rest of the capsule to good use. Cap it shake it, then swallow it. The citrus oil seems to somewhat dilute the burn of the Oregano in the belly. Protec - Dangle an organic tampon in the bottle to soak up the mixture. Insert into vagina a.m. and p.m. for 1 week, then I did only p.m. for a week or two. Ladies this really works and you may feel a warming sensation which goes away rather quickly. Don't be alarmed. I am also doing a liver cleanse. I am starting slowly with the JuvaTone. After a month or so I will go to JuvaCleanse in caps. I know my body and that is too much of a detox for me from the beginning. Now I have got to stay away from cookies!


For many years I have struggled with insomnia as well as other health issues. After trying every holistic approach, my doctor prescribed a mild sleeping pill for me, which I have been taking for several years. A few months back, I learned that my problem was Candida, a nasty yeast infection that was causing me HUGE health issues. It was very debilitating. My doctor told me how important it was to bring down the pH balance in my stomach so that we could get the yeast under control. I started taking a mega dose of AlkaLime before going to bed and I couldn't believe how well I was sleeping! Finally I was getting really good sleep. No more mind dreams, ups and downs during the night - just peaceful meditative sleep. The high PH balance in my stomach has caused me years of health problems and endless nights of being sleep deprived. I now carry AlkaLime with me and every time I drink it, I feel like I'm drinking a magical drink that gives me peace of mind and a proper pH balance that is caused by too much acidity in the stomach. Out of all Gary Young's products, I'm most grateful for the gift of AlkaLime. It gave me my health back.


What I have found works is Melrose every day and night. Use Stevia for sweetener so as not to feed the yeast or fungus further. Diet has to be addressed and as you can imagine, cut out bread and beer or anything else with yeast. Cut out sugar as it feeds the yeast. Read The Yeast Connection.


I found Detoxzyme really helpful as well as ComforTone to support digestion. I don't know if the woman you mention is having constipation issues form the Candida. If so, Detoxzyme and ComforTone are really great. I also took Oregano, Thieves and Frankincense in capsules. In addition, because the yeast overgrowth diminishes the good flora, I used a good quality acidophilus product as well. At that point YL had run out of their acidophilus product so I used the little pearls. I also found an anti Candida formula that was supportive. Balancing Candida problems is not an overnight thing but slowly, slowly the flora in the digestive track improves. By the way I read recently that if there is itching when someone has a bowl movement it could be a sign of Candida issues.


Today I was reading in The Enzyme Cure, page 25, about Candida albicans: "The proliferation of the fungus Candida albicans, a condition called candidiasis, is also linked to a deficiency of disaccharides and the sugar intolerance that goes with it. There are about 2,500 forms of yeast-fungi and all of them live on sugar, especially sucrose. In fact, the fungi make an enzyme that can digest sugar for their use. All of these fungi can be digested by cellulase, but a primary cause of pathogenic yeast overgrowth is excessive sugar consumption coupled with frequent antibiotic use." Gross huh? I went to the products page and looked at our enzyme ingredients. Cellulase is found in Detoxzyme and Mightyzyme. That's just one more reason to take YL enzymes.


I struggled with Candida infection for some time after exposure to toxic mold. I found Detoxzyme taken morning and night works great for me. I am consistent with it along with ComforTone to help with elimination of the toxins that Detoxzyme pulls out. One of the issues with Candida is that toxins they produce in the body causes bloat and all sorts of discomfort. Also, if I recall correctly there are oils that are powerfully antifungal like Oregano, which could be applied on the feet. Hope that helps.


The yeast protocols on my Xanga site really work on internal yeast, but it takes a while to clear up skin yeast while working from the inside out. I highly recommend doing the yeast cleanse because it is said that if you have external yeast you have internal yeast. If the rash is fairly local then use Melrose neat on the rash at least three times a day. After it disappears keep up the Melrose for 2 more weeks! This is important to kill the little roots it puts down. Otherwise it will grow back. If it is over several body parts you could see if soaking in a tub with some Melrose in it helps. My favorite oils for yeast are Melrose and Australian Blue. Dr. Alsop from the clinic told me once that they found that some yeast did better with switching oils every few days.

Good luck, Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff

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