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Lowering Cholesterol Testimonials

I have posted about a distributor of mine who had a dramatic drop in his cholesterol by drinking Ningxia Red Juice. If the cholesterol is very high, drink 2-4 oz a day of NXR. Ladonna is right about Gary saying that lemongrass and rosemary in a cap daily will also help lower cholesterol. Muscle test for amount of drops needed. Good Luck!


Longevity Capsules lowered my sister's cholesterol by 64 points in only 5 weeks and you only take ONE capsule a day!


I was in a similar spot, as my husband had very high cholesterol and didn't want to take Lipitor. So I started experimenting with a few tips from the EDR. After approximately 2 months he had his count checked again to see how we were doing. I'm very pleased to tell you his total cholesterol was down 67 points! Here's the daily protocol. 2 JuvaTone, JuvaFlex and Helichrysum on artery points (inside ankles, wrist pulse, behind knee, below ear, etc.), 10 drops Clove oil in capsule. No significant change in diet, either. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


I cannot tell you about Ginger with cholesterol, but I would certainly take a look at what minerals can do (Mineral Essence) and WATER. Check out the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water. You might be surprised to learn more about cholesterol. I was. I heard Gary say the other night "Cholesterol does not come from cholesterol." Gives you something to think about.

Love, Lisa

Sometime ago I posted information regarding dehydration and elevated cholesterol. You might find it in the archives. In the meantime in addition to the oils and supplements, increase H2O consumption up to at the very least 1/2 ounce per each pound of body weight. More will be better.


I hate to butt my nose in, but I just have to. First of all, if you are happy with your doctor, have no side effects (medically) from the drug and your personality (emotional) has not been affected by the drug, then stop reading this email right now. HOWEVER, if you notice side effects from Lipitor, if your personality seems different - you are short tempered, irritable, depressed or anxious, then you should truly consider a change. Ultra Young (with or without DHEA) is a miracle product when it comes to dealing with cholesterol. My ex-husband's cholesterol was 286. He went on Lipitor and it was a nightmare. I had him stop the drug and gave him a bottle of Ultra Young with DHEA that he used 2 times a day. He used 2 sprays in the a.m. and 2 sprays in the p.m. Within 6 months his cholesterol was 180. Granted, in the first month or two I was the nagging wife from hell. Every day "Did you spray?" "Have you sprayed today?" "Where's your spray?" But once the routine was set, the product worked a miracle. My cholesterol was 224, after four months of Ultra Young I'm down below 180. So consider the product for yourself. Of course it goes without saying that you should talk to your doctor. I am certainly not qualified to give any medical advice, only my own experience with Lipitor and the YLEO products.

Cheers, Ona

Cholesterol problems are not really derived from animal fat. Cholesterol is produced by the body and is needed as part of every cell membrane and for hormone production. There may be a surplus in the body because a primary function of cholesterol is protection. If there are tears or nicks in epithelial tissue, such as the stomach or arterial or venous walls, cholesterol is formed and goes to that spot to protect until the repair has taken place. This can be difficult to do if proper repair components are not available and therefore more cholesterol will still be needed. Repair components may not be available, not necessarily because the materials aren't there, but they may not be assimilated. Vitamin A for example, as one primary component for the skin and epithelial tissue, may not be processed well by the body as it is a fat soluble vitamin. If there are problems with the liver, which handles fat, there may be a problem. Everything works together. Solution? Eat a well balanced diet, stay away from processed foods, especially the white foods, anything made of flour and sugar. Its part of a solution for some and may be the whole solution for others.


Read the book The Cholesterol Hoax that mentions the fact that most people who have heart attacks have low and normal cholesterol. People with high cholesterol generally don't get heart attacks. Have we been bamboozled by the drug companies and the media who draw a lot of money from the drug company advertisements?

Love and hugs, John

Saturated fat is necessary for health. Indeed, there is an RDA for it. So is cholesterol. There is also an RDA for that too. The case for high cholesterol being a problem is pretty thin and many people are now retreating from it. It now appears that the cholesterol found on artery walls is there to repair prior damage, like a band aid. Finding lots of these band aids in some people's arteries, some doctors have concluded that the problem is the cholesterol. Note that you find policemen at most crime scenes. Using the above logic, it must be the policemen who are responsible for crime. My own observation is that high saturated fats and cholesterol only prospectively cause problems in people whose body temperatures never get to 98.6 F, as a little drop in temperature allows a lot of fats to congeal on your arteries and elsewhere, e.g. your gall bladder.


Remember my sister's testimony about how Longevity Caps had dropped her cholesterol level 63 points in only 5 weeks, one capsule a day? She started at 269 in spring, 2005. Well, now we are up to around 4 months at one capsule a day and for the first time in her adult life, her cholesterol level is below 200. It went from 206 down to 186! Marge called me a few minutes ago to tell me and to order more Longevity!

Hugs to all, Joyce S.

My husband drinks two ounces Berry Young Juice every morning. He recently went to the doctor for chest pain, which turned out to be a pulled muscle. But after extensive testing, the doctor asked him what he was doing differently as far as diet, exercise, etc. He said, "Nothing. Oh wait, my wife has me drinking this juice." The doctor said, "Well, whatever you're doing, keep doing it, because I have NEVER seen anyone's LDL's (the bad cholesterol) drop like this without drastic drug intervention!" His LDL's had dropped 32 points, which removed it as a risk factor for him. The doctor wrote on his chart "Listen to your wife, whatever she's telling you is working." He brought a copy home for me and I share it with everyone!

Ladonna W.

I had my mother-in-law doing 3 drops of Oregano daily in a capsule. It lowered her cholesterol 111 points in 3 months. She is still in 300 numbers and we are now on the Longevity waiting for her next test.


"Normally" when cells become dehydrated they die. To prevent cell death, the body produces extra cholesterol to surround the cells and hold what fluid they have remaining. This is an over simplistic explanation, but high cholesterol (what ever high means) is caused by dehydration. Know how much water you consume. An answer such as, "I drink water all day long" or "I drink enough to float a ship" are not answers to the question, "How much H2O do you consume?" The proper answer is a specified amount, be it one glass or two gallons. I find the best rule of thumb is 4 ounces every hour on the hour. If disease is present, then 4 ounces every 30 minutes. I would suggest the book, Your Body's Many Cries For Water, You're not Sick, You're Just Thirsty by Dr. Batman.


I have a downline member who has used1-2 ounces NingXia Red a day for about 3 months. His cholesterol was high - 190-240 and he was on medicine every day. His cholesterol is normal now and he is off the medications his doctor told him he would need for the rest of his life. NingXia Red is the way to go if you have high cholesterol!


In the March newsletter I receive from Young Living it tells about a lady that used Aroma Life Blend on her wrist. It lowered her cholesterol. Kay Hi Oilers Dr. Hill also talked about the Lemongrass in capsules lowering bad cholesterol in just 2 weeks at the NingXia Red Live Tour. He was quite excited about the consistent results he was getting back at the Clinic (when it was open).


Six months ago the doctor was ready to put me on some kind of cholesterol lowering medicine. After talking to him about a natural approach with diet, etc., he said he would give me six months to try and lower my cholesterol my way. Six months was up, so I went in for the blood work. The doctor said he would have the prescription ready for me when the results came back. The following are the test results:

  6 months ago Today
Triglycerides 170 137
Cholesterol total 229 179
HDL 46 51
LDL 149 101
Chol/Ratio 5.0 3.5

The following is my basic routine: Drinking at least 2oz of NR every morning at work. Sometimes another 1 oz at lunch. In the morning I have been using the following oils: Frankincense, Clarity, Rosemary, Endo Flex, Di Gize, Juniper and Ginger. In the evening I use Thyme, Clary Sage and Myrrh. I also have been taking Longevity, Vitamin C, Digest + Cleanse, Thyromin, and Juva Tone. I have also made a better effort at eating a more whole foods diet. I told the doctor he owes me a Teeccino, Chocolate Mint cup of Herbal Coffee substitute.

Linda W.

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