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Eyes and Vision Testimonials

To all you who still wear glasses: I was a little discouraged because I still wear reading glasses. I've heard about the great results using essential oils but I have been inconsistent in using them. So I was really disappointed in myself. Then yesterday I scratched my lenses and had to go to the store for a replacement pair. Well, I have been wearing 2.75 and found that I now can use 1.5. About 10 years ago I started with 1.25 and it has steadily gone up thought the years. This is the first time it has dropped. I had used Frankincense in the past and then a few weeks ago someone mentioned Juniper and Sandalwood in the Wolfberry Eye Cream. I took about 1/2 teaspoon of the Cream and added 3 drops of each oil. I touch under both eyes and then the upper lids. Next I rub the lower lid by moving along the bone below the eye. Then rub the underside of the bone above the eye. If you concentrate on rubbing the bone you will be a good distance from the eye. If I get a little too much, my eyes will water when I put my reading glasses on. (This shouldn't be a problem for much longer!!) It takes very little. I have only used it about three times a week.


Just wanted to share my experience with the essential oils in the past month or so. I had an eye exam and the pressure was elevated in both eyes, which with this condition could cause blindness. So I came home and looked in my EODR (Essential Oils Desk Reference) to see what I could use. I made a mixture of 10 drops Lemongrass, 5 drops Cypress, 3 drops Eucalyptus and I ounce of V6 oil. I applied this around both eyes every day for a month. When I went back for another exam, the pressure was normal. The doctor just said "see you in 6 months for another check".

Pat W.

If you have clogged ducts, the thing to use is Lavender. I have used it lots on kids and animals and it works really well. But it has to be applied daily for several weeks. Not just once and it will make your eyes water and sting for a few minutes. Put it on the bridge of the nose between the eyes.

Blessings, Nel

A few months ago I was told that I also had blepharitis and that it would never go away. I was given some antibiotic ointment to put on my eyelashes at bedtime and a sheet of instruction as well as some facts. I was told to use a wet washcloth over the closed eyelids for a minute at least twice a day repeating a couple of times to soften any loosened scales and debris that form on the eyelashes, then to gently scrub the base of the eyelashes with the washcloth or a lint free pad. I tried it for 3 days, waking up in the morning with gunky eyes, worse than normal and after the 3 days, it didn't look any better than when I started. I decided that if I could use the ointment the eye doctor gave me on the eyelashes, I could use a product that YL had. So the next evening I did the washcloth thing and then used some Rose Ointment in place of the antibiotic ointment. I only used a very tiny amount and put it along the eyelash base. The next morning my eyes were not full of gunk, they were not swollen, red or itchy, in fact they felt and looked great. I continued to use the Rose Ointment for a week at night and a couple of times during the day if I felt that I needed to. The Rose Ointment helped until my body decided it could do it on its own and I have not had the red, itchy stuff return.

Janet B.

Rubbing Lavender and Frankincense around the eyes on bone structure only, sure helped my eyes and eyesight. I dilute the oils with the massage oils.


I thought I would mention that the EODR says "no oils on eyelids" rather emphatically. We are told to put the oils above our eyebrows in some literature.


I have read from previous posts that Peppermint helps to bring tears and to increase saliva for someone who might get a dry tongue from too many medications.

Blessings, Carol M.

My friend's dog was having the same problem with her eyes - no tears and very dry. Lavender rubbed on the bridge of the nose opens the tear ducts and causes moisture to form. My friend did it for a couple of months and now they are fine.

Blessings, Nel

I had very dry eyes after having Lasix surgery. I started spraying Clary Sage Floral Water on them a few times a day, sometimes with them open, mostly with them closed. After a month or so I noticed I wasn't doing it as often and now I don't have to do it very often at all.


I bought a book by Dr. Mercola off the Internet and paid $50 for it. The book is on how to regain your vision. If your problem is nearsightedness or farsightedness, he guarantees that if your eyes don't improve using his plan, he will give your money back. He recommends a blend of essential oils, including Frankincense and a carrier be patted around the eyes in a prescribed manner. He recommends Young Living oils and also sells a blend of them that he makes according to the formula in the book. I have been using Frankincense since someone on this list recommended it for another eye problem and applying it around the eyes. It burns, but I do not mind it as I know it is helping my eyes. Dr. Mercola's formula just reinforced my notion that Frankincense has a beneficial effect on the eyes.


I have been using Frankincense on my eyes for eye pain two or three times a day. I put it on my eyelids and under the eye and I have absolutely no burning. I guess we are all different. I would dilute it and gradually reduce the dilution.


I had the same problem as you. What I do now is I apply Frankincense and wait until the burning starts and I can't take it anymore, THEN I apply the V-6 Oil. The burning subsides very quickly. I too, don't like to apply diluted Frankincense and am hoping that with time the burning go away.

Something wonderful to share! I have had dry itchy eyes for some months now and have been at my wits end. Today I tried something that was shared by someone in this group only a few days ago. I was in a crowded subway and my eyes felt horribly itchy. I just took out my Peppermint Oil, and took a small amount of the oil. I applied some to the inner ends of my eyebrows, the space between the eyebrows (the third eye spot), the bridge of my nose and the entire ridge of my nose. I started feeling teary eyed and my eyes started to get moist. With controlled use of the oil there weren't flowing tears, it was just that my eyes felt moistened. The relief was instant.


My mother's retina detached and started bleeding while she was driving - very scary! She was able to get in for emergency surgery that day and the specialist told her that it would probably be months before she got full vision back. She started applying Frankincense around her eye and I overnighted a bottle of 3 Wise Men for her to use and she had complete vision in just over a month. She said it went from being very dark in that eye to like she was looking wax paper and then through a shower door before she finally was able to see clearly. The doctor was surprised that she was doing so well at her two week check up and she asked if he had heard of the healing powers of Frankincense and he said no, but he would have to look into that.


About 8 months ago I went to the doctor for a spot on my left eyelid, I thought it was a calcium deposit and tried to (pop) it anyway it got worse and kept getting bigger, it was about the size of a pencil eraser, and my friend was freaking out and told me to go see the DR so reluctantly on Friday I did, well he said that the thing on my eye looked like cancer and he want me to see a specialist on Monday, well as you can imagine I went home and called my mom help what should I do (all my learning went out the window), she asked if I had my frankincense come in yet, and if so to start applying it as many times a day as I could remember, I just put some on my finger and touched my eyelid a lot over the weekend, come Monday I went to see the specialist and he said (it was pin size by now) it looked like a cyst and that he could make an appointment for me to come and cut it out, when I hesitated,(excuse my daycare needed me) well if I could wait a few minutes he could do it now!, Well then I declined and wanted to speak with my husband first, NO WAY was I going to let him cut on my eye, not now after only 3 days of using this oil and my eye was way better.(GRIN) Thanks for letting me share.

Lynn S.

I'm one of the people who has positive results from using frankincense on/in my eyes. I "had" glaucoma - diagnosed over 5 years ago. This was confirmed by 3 different glaucoma specialists. I even had tests to rule out the possibility that I had "thick eyeballs" (which can sometimes give a false positive on glaucoma readings). I had a terrible time with the medicated drops they prescribed, always experiencing the side effects that went with them. One day I decided I would try frankincense - I think I read a testimonial from Bill on how he let the oil fumes go into his eyes. Every morning I would "raccoon" the oil around my eyes and then put a drop or two in my hands, rub together and cup over my eyes. I would hold it there for a minute or two with my eyes wide open so that the molecules could get into my eyeballs. I was also drinking NingXia Red every day of course. I went for my checkup last fall after doing this for about 6 months and my numbers were in the normal range (for the first time in about 5 years). The doctor said "well we finally found drops that work for you". I told him no, that I didn't use the drops, I was drinking NingXia Red and using Frankincense essential oils. His reaction? He said that I probably never actually had glaucoma. God forbid that a doctor would acknowledge that God's products work better than theirs.

Abundant Blessings, Annette

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