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Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder of soft tissue. (By contrast, arthritis occurs in the joints.) Symptoms include general body pain, in some parts worse than others, usually brought on by short periods of exercise.

The pain is ubiquitous and continuous. It interrupts sleep patterns so that the fourth stage of sleep is never attained, and thus the body cannot rejuvenate and heal.

Fibromyalgia is an acid condition in which the liver is toxic. The best natural treatment for fibromyalgia are omega-3 fats such as flax seed, proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain and pancreatin and MSN.

According to UCLA researcher, Ronald Lawrence, M.D. Ph. D., supplementation with MSM oftern offers a breakthrough in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Sulfurzyme has MSM in it. (MSM: How it controls pain.) When fluid pressure inside cells is higher than outside, pain is experienced. The MSM found in Sulfurzme equalizes fluid pressure inside cells by affecting the protein envelope of the cell so that water transfers freely in and out.

First Recommendations : Frankincense, wintergreen, copaiba, Sulfurzyme, Essentialzyme

Other Single Oils: German chamomile, nutmeg, Idaho balsam fir

Other Blends: PanAway, Relieve It, ImmuPower, Ortho Ease

Fibromyalgia Blend Recipe #1

8 drops Idaho balsam fir
6 drops white fir
4 drops wintergreen
2 drops spruce

Fibromyalgia Blend Recipe #2

10 drops PanAway
8 drops wintergreen
8 drops marjoram
6 drops spuce

Application Methods:

  • Topical: Dilute 50-50, gently massage 2-4 drops on pain
  • Compress: warm, on location 3 x's weekly (get a bowl of water hot enough not to burn the finger and lay a wash cloth in the water and soak up the hot water, ring out and apply to location of the pain where you just applied the oils. Cover with saran wrap and then a heavy towel and leave on as long as possible.
  • Body Massage: weekly, Raindrop, adding ImmuPower Blend of oils weekly
  • Ingestion: Capsule 0 size 2 times daily

Other Dietary Supplimentation: Myrrh gum resin, Polyzyme, Super C Chewable, MultiGreen, ImmuneTune, ICP/ComforTone/Essentialzyme, Super Cal, Life-5

Topical Treatment: Regenolone Cream apply on location of pain

Fibromyalgia Regimen:

  • Start cleansing by using ICP/ComforTone/Essentialzyme.
  • Use 2 Tbsp. Sulfurzyme daily
  • Eat less acidic-ash foods and more alkaline-ash foods such as wheat sprouts or barley sprouts.

The following is a list of alkalinizing supplements.

  • MultiGreens: up to 4 times daily
  • Super C 4-6 tablets daily
  • ImmuneTune 2-6 times daily
  • Mineral Essence: 2-3 droppers, 2 times daily in water or cold apple juice will supply the trace minerals needed witout increasing the acid conditions
  • Super Cal Or Mega Cal: 2-4 capsules daily, or as needed
  • ImmuPower: Apply 4-6 drops along the spine and back along with the Raindrop Technique.

Testimonials and Healing Stories

I am a 47 year old female. For the past 10 years I had been riddled with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia... and to top it off have had a compromised immune system. I was bedridden on and off several times during the past 10 years and when I was not in bed, had to use a cane to steady myself when walking. I was on a ton of medication that got rid of the pain, but made me lose track of the days, months and years. I missed out on a good portion of my young son's life (then 10 when this all began) as well as had to give up all of my activities that I loved - walking, skiing, hiking with my dogs, kayaking. I was sick and tired all the time. I wanted to die if living the rest of my life was going to be like this. The medical profession did not give me much hope for improvement. Then, in 2002 I found out about the Young Living oils PanAway and Aroma Siez and started using them. I was able to wean myself off of all of my pain killers in about 3 months. I began using other oils (Joy, Peace & Calming, Thieves) and noticed a positive change in my emotional state and was able to stop using anti-depressants. I started to feel better physically and emotionally!

BEFORE: December 20, 2002. 165 lbs. "Embarrassed and disgusted with my weight, my demeanor, and my appearance" AFTER: September 2003. "130 lbs with lots of energy".

My next adventure was with NingXia Red in 2003. I was told because I was so run down I would need to take it 3-6 times per day to start. After about a week or two I noticed I woke up feeling refreshed and with energy. I started to take daily walks in my neighborhood and within a week I was walking the full 2 mile loop! I hadn't been able to walk to my mailbox for 10 years and now I was walking 2 miles! Then I started doing light hikes with my husband - we cried together the first time I was able to hike to a mountain lake I had always wanted to see. By the end of last summer I was hiking 10 miles 3 times a week. I even was able to go out kayaking with my husband at a nearby lake. Needless to say, I have NingXia Red on my Autoship program! Now, in 2004 I have been able to start cross-country skiing again and have been out at least 3 times a week and can go from 6-10 miles at a very good speed! I have lost 35 pounds in the last 8 months and have lots of energy. I feel like a NEW person.

January 22, 2004 Cross Country Skiing at 125 lbs. 7 mile trail trip. My face shows tons of energy and a new "zest" for living! At this point I have lost 40 lbs in just under 10 months, am a perfect weight for myself and am now working on building up my muscles!" As far as my immune system... before NingXia Red, I was sick with everything and anything that went around - and unusual things as well. Now that I am on a daily regimen of NingXia Red, I rarely get sick and when I did get the flu this year, it was gone in 24 hours - not days/weeks like those around me. My husband, to whom I have been married just over 5 years, has never seen me well/healthy and has had to physically take care of me almost every day. He thinks Young Living creates miracles. He is overjoyed! My relationship with my son (now 20) is beginning to improve as well now that I am well and we can talk about my PAST health problems and how it impacted his childhood. My family is all making up for lost time. While I use several Young Living products on a daily basis, I believe it is the NingXia Red that has put me over the top by helping to strengthen my immune system and give me the energy to face each new day with a positive spirit.

Debra G.

I have had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis since 1982 (www.fms-help.com). Over the past 25 years, I've found various ways to manage the sleep disorder, pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness and depression. Several essential oils help me - most remarkably Peace and Calming for fibro fog (brain fog). It's hard to describe to those who don't have this illness, but there are times when my head feels like it is exploding and my brain is on fire. This is accompanied by utterly debilitating fatigue and a bodily misery that is unexplainable and almost unendurable. Cognitive (mental) tasks are hopeless while these symptoms are going on. It is nothing like a normal headache, a migraine, or a sinus headache. Meds won't touch it. Rest doesn't help. It can come out of nowhere and last for days. The only thing that relieves this state of misery for me is Peace and Calming! I put 4-5 drops in the palm of my hand and lie down (More like collapsing when I am in this debilitated state). I apply Peace and Calming to my temples and brain stem. I rub the rest into my palms, place them over my nose and inhale deeply several times. Then I move my hands gently over my face (avoid eyes), shoulders and body, applying the oil like a veil. The horrible sensation in my head and the torturous fatigue is gone in about 10 minutes and I am able to think and function again! It is miraculous! What a blessing! Peace and Calming also helps my travel fatigue while riding in a car. I have to wear dark sunglasses to keep my brain from becoming overloaded and shutting down from the constantly moving images entering my field of vision. (CFIDS/ME is characterized by damage to the central nervous system--the brain--which results in dysfunctions and damage to many of the body's vital systems and a loss of normal internal homeostasis.) I put a few drops of Peace and Calming on a cotton ball and place it in the A/C vent in my car. Amazingly, my mental and physical fatigue dissipates. My only theory as to why Peace and Calming helps is because it affects the limbic portion of the brain through the olfactory (sense of smell) system. Researchers are investigating the possibility that a malfunctioning hypothalamus gland in the brain may be the cause of FMS/CFIDS/ME. There is no known cure (magic bullet) for this illness--scientists are not even sure of the cause, although it may be viral. Strangely, although Peace and Calming restores my mental function and energy when I am depleted, it also helps me relax and calm down when my system is too hyped up. Perhaps this oil restores or balances the function of the regulatory glands in the brain, or maybe fights viruses that are interfering with their function?? I don't know. I am not a doctor! I have recommended Peace and Calming to others, and some have told me it helps them with insomnia. Most people with FMS/CFIDS/ME suffer from a sleep disorder. Mine is severe, requiring sleep meds for the past 20 years. Peace and Calming helps me calm down for sleep and relax. There are other oils that help me - Relieve It for pain, Joy for depression, Lavender for relaxation and skin problems, Peppermint for indigestion, etc., but I must say that PEACE AND CALMING IS MY FAVORITE OIL SO FAR AND ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR MY WELL-BEING.

Dominie B.

I suffered with Fibromyalgia for 5 years. I could not lift my grandchildren, clean my home, the vacuum was the enemy, take long trips driving, sleep at night, shopping was a nightmare, the pain was crippling. The Dr. put me on Celebrex, which helped some. On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain became a 6 or 7. Then a study revealed that Celebrex was damaging the kidneys, liver and bladder. I did not want to give it up as it helped some. In October 2002 I attended a Young Living informational meeting, where a woman I knew to be an upstanding person in the community, and also suffered with Fibromyalgia, was hugging a bottle of Sulferzyme, saying 'I will never, ever be without my Sulferzyme again.' I ordered a bottle right then. After taking it for 1 week I stopped taking Celebrex, after 2 weeks 80% of my pain was gone! I now am able to toss my grandchildren around, clean my home, take long trips, enjoy shopping, sleep better, I even do windows. After one year I began taking both BLM and Sulferzyme daily. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain is now a 1! I thank God, Gary Young and Young Living Products for changing my life! Thank you, oil-testimonials.com, for providing me with the opportunity to share this exciting news with others and the hope that they may be as blessed as I have been.

Bonnie B.

Two days ago I was ill with fibromyalgia and accompanying symptoms of extreme achiness of the spine, tendons and muscles all over. I applied Thieves the second day because I had gone to work and did not think I would make it through the day. I managed to get through work and today I am not aching anymore. Whatever bug it was that started the fibro flare was eradicated by my use of Thieves. I will use it and my other oils religiously.

Sioux B.

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and NingXia Red in March 2007. I was looking for a natural way to deal with the pain I had been suffering with fibromyalgia since 2005. I used to hurt the worse in the morning, aching so bad I could barely move. After the first bottle of NingXia Red I realized how much better I felt. Then I learned of the oils for pain including Pan Away, Lemongrass and Lavender. These all help with the deep muscle aches associated with fibromyalgia. I learned that acidosis, the state of pH in our bodies that is too acidic, is a starting place for many ailments, so I chose to avoid coffee, sugar and MSG (monosodium glutamate, a food additive). If I needed something sweet I would choose fruit, toast with honey or nuts drizzled with real maple syrup. I also started drinking more water, which I would add oils to, including peppermint, lemon or grapefruit. After just 2 months of these changes I have increased energy and a significant reduction of pain. I can now wake in the mornings and move freely. I have also lost 16 lbs. Many thanks to God and to the people of Young Living.

Christine M.

Due to an automobile accident, I fractured my 4th lower lumbar, had nerve damage in my neck, and three bulging discs (two ended up dehydrated) in the cervical and thoracic area of my back. For the first three and a half years after the accident I was in incredible amount of pain. Migraines plagued me daily along with fibromyalgia and arthritis pain throughout my spine. Numbness in arms and hands were caused from nerve damage from my neck injury. Arthritic spikes forming on my spine would eventually fuse my spine together. My appointment (June of 2000) with the doctor was very disturbing. The doctor said I would be in a wheelchair by the time I turned forty. The daily migraines and back pain made life difficult, let alone adding extra therapy and exercise to my then current regimen. I left his office frightened and frustrated, but determined to find a solution! My neurosurgeon discussed surgery when the nerve block injections in my back didn't work. Exhausting many avenues of conventional medicine, I was finally open to other avenues which could regain my health. Then Young Living came into my life! Gary Young's personal story gave me MUCH hope. If Gary Young could walk after spending 13 years in a wheelchair, I could stay out of one! And there began my wonderful and amazing journey with Young Living. I began with Sulfurzyme and a few essential oils (peppermint, RC, and wintergreen). Within a month or so my pain was drastically reduced and migraines were a thing of the past. Within six to eight months the pain was GONE! My son Mikol learned the Raindrop Technique and performed this when needed. I gained my life back... PAIN FREE! I exercise daily and can even bend backwards! I reached the great age of FORTY (40) in June of 2004 and in no way will I ever need a wheelchair because of the effects of that accident! I am as healthy now as I was at 20 years old!

Nicole H.

In 1961, when I was in second grade, I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia, which some doctors refer to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). This indicates that it's part of the polio family. For me, this means that nearly every system in my body is affected. My list of symptoms would make a small book. At the time I was introduced to therapeutic-grade essential oils in 1997, I had been 'severely disabled,' according to the Social Security Administration, for over 30 years. In 1982, I found a chiropractor/nutritionist who helped me a LOT. He took me from almost dead to almost functional (on good days); yet, even with chasing after anything that offered hope of recovery, I was still unable to even think about work. I was always in significant pain, experienced profound fatigue on more days than not, could not exercise to any significant degree, and made no conditioning gains when I could. Then I met a guy who told me that his wife had been helped a lot with essential oils. Though skeptical (I'd heard it all MANY times before), I agreed to let her send me some information. The packet included the Missing Link tape. The potential of the oils sounded quite amazing, but it took me forever to actually act on the information. I bought the Aromatherapy 101 kit and an aromatherapy reference, just to get a start, then took another year to get started. When my doctor informed me that I had some occlusions in the blood vessels in my legs, I decided it was time to stop fooling around, and see what the essential oils could do. I started using the oils in a massive way; and while their use was purely recreational, I was impressed by the coincidental remission of almost all of my symptoms. Within a month, the occlusions in my legs had cleared to the point that my doctor assumed there had been a misdiagnosis. I felt stronger, more energetic, much more flexible, lighter, had a bounce in my step and was all but pain free. In my Fibromyalgia support group, I'm the only one NOT on medications, and I'm feeling SO-O-O-O much better than all those relying on a medical solution. While not cured by any means, using therapeutic-grade essential oils has enabled me to start my own business. I consider them a God-send. They have redefined for me the meaning of 'health'.

Tom A.

Several years ago I was told I had fibromyalgia. This was before I knew about the oils. I never had total relief from the pain until I started using the essential oils. (I tried many treatments). To start with I used the PanAway on the pain areas, Lavender and Peace and Calming on my feet at night to have a proper sleep. Once I started to have a good sleep the pain was less. I used Joy because I had many weepy days and the Joy always made me feel better. My daughter also gave me a Raindrop treatment and I was pain free for 2 days for the first time. In the past 18 months I have had a number of stressors that in the past would cause me to 'crash' as I call it. However that didn't happen. The oils I have been using in the past 12 months are Valor, Idaho Balsam Fir, and Joy. Occasionally I need to use the Lavender to sleep but not often any more. I also used SAM-e in the winter time last year. I haven't needed to use it yet this year. I also have a chiropractor appointment monthly and a massage monthly. I drink NingXia Red daily plus multivitamins that have trace minerals in them, Multigreen and magnesium. I am able to work full time plus I do the oil business and another business. So I would say I am really healthy right now. As I am writing this out I again am thankful for the oils. What a difference in my life!

Lynne Anne

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