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Following are some of the physical conditions and symptoms that Frankincense oil has proven to be effective in either removing or easing. These are either my personal experiences or those of people I know directly and were not necessarily only a one-time occurrence.

  • Depression and anxiety was relieved after sprinkling a couple of drops of Frankincense oil in the hands, rubbing them together and inhaling deeply several times.
  • Nighttime wheezing stopped within minutes when Frankincense oil was applied to the sinus areas around the nose and the neck
  • Snoring stopped completely for the night within minutes after Frankincense was applied to the area around the nose, the neck and chest and inhaled.
  • Skin tags in the underarm area disappeared after applying Frankincense daily for a month or so until they disappeared. Other skin tags and moles were reduced with the application of Frankincense oil directly on site. (A better and faster result could probably have been obtained had the oil not been forgotten to be used daily.)
  • Parkinson's Disease: Tremors, mental fogginess and confusion and the stiff facial mask associated with Parkinson's disease were reduced after applying Frankincense around the head. (At a recent doctor's visit for an un-related reason, the doctor was surprised to see that the patient's Parkinson's symptoms were obviously greatly reduced.)
  • Asthma: Respiration was inspired and opened after applying Frankincense oil around the nose and inhaling.
  • Sadness: After breathing in Frankincense, greater clarity of mind and balance of emotions was obtained.
  • Bronchial cough was soothed immediately after applying frankincense oil to the throat and chest area.
  • Smoker's cough was alleviated after application on chest and throat.
  • Cold and flu were warded off by adding two or three drops of Frankincense oil to a glass of drinking water and repeated after an hour or more.

(NOTE: It is very important to use only the finest therapeutic essential oils. If low quality or synthetic oils are used, harmful effects may occur.)

Love, Jennifer

Frankincense works really well for varicose veins. Just mix 15 - 20 drops with 2 ounces of one of the YL lotions and rub on your legs. I had a woman use it that has had varicose veins for at least 40 years and they just gradually went away.


Frankincense reduces the veins very well and also helps with the pain. I had a client that would rub it around her eyes and then put the extra on her veins and suddenly noticed one day they no longer hurt or were enlarged.

Karen H

I also want to share about my Dad. I've mentioned before how he has used Frankincense for his lung congestion (COPD) and then he tried it on the top of his ears for what he thought to be skin cancer and that is gone. Well, last night he shared that he been trying it on his middle finger knuckle had a pea size knot that really stuck out and was sore. The knot is smaller and has softened. It's so fun watching him use his Frankincense for different little things. He is on his third bottle and finding that it works for alot of things.


I was diagnosed with COPD 4 years ago and being slightly stubborn, I refused to accept the diagnosis. I did not smoke, did not drink and still do not. After hearing what the doctor diagnosed me with, I went the "traditional" medical route of medications and steroids, which did nothing to improve my situation based on pulmonary testing. My lowest point was 65% lung capacity and a base oxygen rate of 92% during my pregnancy with my healthy 16 month old son. After my son was born, I realized that if I wanted to be around to see him grow up, and be the healthy and involved kind of mother I wanted to be, something had to change. So 15 months ago, I changed my diet drastically, cutting out 90% of all wheat and dairy products. I stopped ingesting white sugar. I started drinking water instead of Dr. Pepper. I restricted my intake of red meat and increased my intake of vegetables and whole foods. I started taking supplements that would help support my immune and respiratory system; primarily a multi-vitamin, probiotic, extra vitamin E and minerals. I started putting Frankincense on my chest before going to bed at night, and inhaling it and applying it anytime I started to cough or feel tightness in my chest. Before my Frankincense days began, I was taking a nebulizer with toxic medication 2 - 3 times a day, and was so dependent on it that it went with me everywhere I went - to the store, to church, to work. I now carry Frankincense with me everywhere. I have been using Frankincense religiously since December 2003. It is now March 2004, and I had a pulmonology test last week. I tested at 102% large airway and 99% blood oxygen. I had 90% scarring in one lung from several bouts with pneumonia, and the doctors were amazed that my lung has "regenerated" itself so that most of the scar tissue is gone. When they asked what I had been doing, I told them I changed my diet, used Ffrankincense oil, and weaned myself from my medications. The looks on their faces were priceless! I hope this miracle story encourages someone you love. I truly believe my recovery is miraculous, and I am so thankful for Gary Young and his dedication to the health and well-being of others! And please share YL with others - you never know who might need a miracle!


My husband is the biggest sceptic when it comes to essential oils. He has been diagnosed with emphysema. Once he had a cold and his lungs were making it difficult for him to get a full breath. I asked his permission and used Frankincense, and Eucalyptus directly on the skin of his back and chest corresponding to the lungs. I placed a few drops of each oil on my hands and applied to the four sides of his body: front left, front right, back left and back right. His lungs cleared in a few minutes he had a loose, productive cough.


For many years my beautiful daughter had struggled with depression. After taking Lexapro, Adderol, etc. for years, she had had enough with the pharmaceutical roller coaster. I suggested she attempt putting Frankincense on the bottoms of her feet daily. She began doing that immediately and has been able to get off of all medications. She has now relied upon Frankincense alone for many months and is feeling happier and healthier than ever before.


I have been impressed with how Frankincense oil has helped my father's emotional stability. He has a reoccuring basal cell cancerous growth on his nose/eye area. Surgery would be too tramatic for him since he had the same surgery 5 years ago and now it is back. I learned how frankincense can pass the blood brain barrier and also affect his fragile emotions (almost 85 years old). Everyday I twice come by and we rub it on our hands and then rub it on his forehead and nose. It is a relaxing little 'ritual' we do everyday. If all it does is help with his emotions and gives him a positive outlook on life and does nothing for the cancer we will be happy but we hope for the best as NOW he can smell out of his left nostril where before for years he could smell NOTHING! Something good is happening and will continue our daily rubbing on of Frankincense oil!


It's been many years in the making but I can now share my testimonial on Frankincense and breast masses. This past month I finally got my first 'normal' mamogram in many years. I've had fibrocystic breasts since the age of 26. But in my 40's when I started getting mamograms my left breast was always unstable requiring more and more views. Meaning more and more radiation. I once questioned the doctor about how I thought all this radiation was doing more harm than good. He said the benefits far outweighed the risks. I was introduced to essential oils and decided to take matters into my own hands. I stopped going in every six months for mamograms and used Frankincense neet on my breasts daily. I waited about three years and went back for a mamogram. They said they now needed to do an ultrasound. So I went for the ultra sound and then they wanted me to get another one. Finally I got ahold of the doctor and questioned her what they were looking for and she said that when I went in for the mamogram after three years of not having any, the three masses they were following in my breast weren't there and they were looking deeper to see if they went deeper into my breast. But they didn't. They completely dissappeared. So, just to be sure I waited till this year, went in for my annual mamogram, and just got the notice back saying my mamogram was normal. I use the oils every day for various things and they always work for me.


My friend's doctor told her after having diagnosed her with many fibroid cysts to come back in six months for a re-evaluation. I convinced her to use the Frankincense and Lavender oils daily, at least 2x day, which she did for at least four months. After six months, she returned to the doctor to have another scan done, and was thrilled to find that ALL the cysts were gone!! Of course, the doctor could not understand it, and neither did she tell him what she had been doing!

Jo Ann

I had a fibroid in my breast the size of a small Easter egg. I rubbed in 1 drop of Young Living frankincense oil most days for about 6 months. In about 4 months the fibroid shrunk to the size of a jelly bean. Now it is half that size. I hadn't made any other changes in my diet or lifestyle for many months before my fibroid started to shrink.


At birth there was complications which had led to blindness in both eyes. When I heard about the Young Living Oils I was willing to try anything. When I started using Frankincense, one of the Young Living Oils by rubbing on my upper eye lids and back of my neck. Plus what enhanced it even more I used a hot pack for 15 minutes. It has been a miracle for me. In less than a week I started seeing light and color. It was six weeks later I as able to get my day time drivers license back. And to make even better I had help finding a part time job. I want to give a big THANKS! to Young Living.


I stopped using the steroid eye drops completely for my Iritis condition. I began using ONLY Frankincense. I applied it around the eye and on the eyelid-1 -2 drops on my finger (very little and gently) instead of the doctor's recommended application for the steroid drops. At first it was 4 times a day, then I went for a follow up visit about 3 days after using the oil and the opthamologist said that the inflammation was almost totally gone, he seemed surprised as it had only been about 1 month since the condition began. (Last time I had a battle with this it took over 4 months on steroid drops!) So I continued to apply the oil for 2 more weeks changing to 2x's a day then 1x a day and my eye feels great. I intended to tell the opthamologist what I had done but I never made it to my last appointment because my baby boy was born.


I've had two experiences with Frankincense Oil I want to tell you about. This past winter has taken a great toll on my bicep muscles by stressing and straining and spraining them all by shoveling snow by hand. With all the snow we had I had to shovel snow for three straight days including at work. My driveway was the other. Well after shoveling all that snow, My arms (Biceps) developed a soreness that would not go away. So from Jan. to now I've had pain. However in April I ordered Frankincense Oil and applied it to my biceps. To my surprise, the pain started to go away! As of now I still fell some pain but the oil has helped heal my arms! I have a herniated disc that acts up every now and then. When I had the last bout of pain and stress there, I applied Frankincense oil to that disc. Again to my surprise, the healing of that spot increased to just a few days opposed to weeks. These oils are fantastic.


In my chiropractic practice, I have used Frankincense for warts and skin keratoses. A ten year old girl showed me a wart on the heel of her hand that was raised and approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. We applied one drop of Frankincense. When she came in the office a week later, the wart had turned black. We applied another drop of Frankincense and when she returned the next week, the wart was gone. Another little boy showed me a small plantar wart on the ball of his left foot. We applied a drop of Frankincense and when he came in several weeks later, the wart had disappeared. Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties and warts are thought to be caused by a virus. I had a small, rough patch on my chest that looked like a keratosis and possibly a precancerous lesion. After several applications of Frankincense, it disappeared and has not returned. Research has demonstrated the skin healing properties of Frankincese. Reportedly, it has the ability to heal damaged DNA.

Dr. Lisa

About 5-6 years ago my husband had a lump on his cheek and went through 2 rounds of antibiotics. The lump went down but a pea-sized core remained. A year later it grew again and since we had no insurance I asked a friend who sold YL essential oils what she suggested. We tried Frankincense and within a week of applying it, the lump "exploded" and out came everything, even the core which was like plastic. That was the beginning of our wonderful journey with YL oils. I'm looking forward to hearing many wonderful testimonies and learning so I can help others.

Blessings, Jane

My husband had age spots on the backs of his hands. He decided to use Frankincense on one hand and nothing on the other. The age spots on the hand where he used Frankincense have completely disappeared. The other hand looks the same as always. He used one drop of Frankincense and rubbed it into the back of his hand twice a day (morning and evening). He noticed a difference in coloration in about 2 weeks, and after 2 months, the spots on the Frankincensed hand were gone. Haven't tried other oils for this, but the Frankincense worked great.


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