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High Blood Pressure Testimonials

I have been hospitalized with 295/235 BP. I've had several doctors tell me that I am among the most difficult BP patients they've ever had to treat. I'm not proud of that fact, but there it is. I have a strong family history of high BP, killing family members with heart attacks and strokes going back several generations. I posted this info about 10 months ago on the chat line and a pilot responded, telling me that he had had this problem, too, but began using Aroma Life blend. After about a year of doing that, one day he was at the doctor, and the doctor told him he didn't need to use BP meds any more. Taking this to heart, I began rubbing Aroma Life on my chest morning and evening, and anytime I felt stressed. I still took my meds, but found that my energy level was dropping - and discovered so was my BP drastically! I cut my meds in half, taking them every OTHER day, and continued with the Aroma Life. I have continued with this regimen now for about 8 months, and only once or twice have I taken pills every day for a week - such as when I'm under great stress and know my body will need a boost. But I far prefer using the oils to taking prescriptions! Hope this helps.

Julie D.

My blood presure was up and the doctor gave me a month to watch it. During that month I checked it and it got as high as 156/117. My friend introduced me to the oils. Another said to watch out for hydrogenated oils in food. HA! It was in everything. Even the natural whole grain bread I was eating! I felt so good with Lavender on my feet (heart point) and wrist. I continued with it faithfully. My next check up for my blood presure was normal, 110/85. The doctor looked very suprised and asked if I was taking any drugs... I love this!


I've had wonderful success controling high blood pressure with the oils. The combination I use the most is to put 3 drops each of Lavender, Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang in my left palm, mix clockwise 3 times and then apply to the soles of both feet. Sometimes I put a little of the oil left on my hand to the insides of my wrists as well. This is especially good at bedtime. Other people might apply it to the neck/carotid artery area as well, and I do too once in a great while. However, my skin is too sensitive to do this very often. I have found most other people do just fine putting oils on their neck, etc. I do use some of the other oils for BP as well. I've found Spearmint, Valarian, and Endoflex also lower BP for me. I also apply Valor to my feet and shoulders after a shower, and it helps with many things including BP. I do not use all of these oils every day. I find that varying the application and oils works better than using the same ones every time, and because the oils are not medicine, I don't have to stick to a time table. By using the oils, I am able to stay off medication, and this is very impotant to me. My BP does vary, but I check it regularly and if it starts to go up, I just apply oils, take a few deep breaths, and it comes right down. I love these oils!!!


I have had excellent results with the Powermeal. My doctor wanted to put me on BP meds last year and I asked her to wait until I try some of our products. I started the Powermeal, using Ylang Ylang and lemon as well. The oils on my feet and wrists daily when I thought of it. I had the Powermeal only once a day. In a little over a month, my blood pressure went down to normal. I believe it was way over 140/115. Not good. I got cocky during the summer and stopped the Powermeal and my BP stayed the same for some time. But toward the end of the year it went up again. So I started taking the PM again and the blood pressure went down again. This time in only a week. I will never be without my Powermeal again! Oh, BTW, I still use the Ylang Ylang, but only a couple of times a week. I use the Lemon more often. Hope this is of help,


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