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Lung Cancer, Lung Infection and Lung Detoxification

Gary spoke on his experience this year when he came to Japan for the opening. There was this person dying of a serious lung problem. I think he was told he would live for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, Gary said he covered his bed with a tent and diffused RC very heavily, non-stop. Then 48 hours after diffusing, this person started to choke, coughing badly and what he coughed out was a bunch of dead tissues! Apparently his lung was regenerating. Now he is fit and fine, enjoying his life with his family.

Love and Light, Miyu

Eucalyptus Dives is specific for parasites of the lungs. Put it with ParaFree. 20-30 drops of Eucalyptus dives in 1 tablespoon of ParaFree. Put into a syringe and apply rectally. It will go from the rectum to the lungs in 30 seconds.

I have another testimonial from Young Living Leader, Jim Lynn who is also a pastor, about his wife, Linda, who also had a spot on her lung. The primary oil Linda chose for anointing is a blend called Raven. This oil is known for its ability to provide strength in fighting respiratory disease and infections. The oil was applied to her chest and back. Periodically, I also applied several different oils on her back and feet using massage, touch and prayer in a protocol called Raindrop. The spot on her lung disappeared and because the medical profession has no frame of reference for "natural healing modalities", her doctor had difficulty accepting the method of healing.

Tangerine: inhibits formation of lung cancer.

Per Gary Young

I need to share a truly amazing miracle with you. My uncle who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August called last week to let us know that he had just been to the doctor for follow-up after his third round of chemotherapy. He is scheduled for six rounds, 5 hours each, three weeks apart. His tumor occupied the entire upper lobe of his left lung and was in his ribs and lymph nodes when I sent down a box of oils in early September.

I mixed one special blend (RC, Clove, Myrrh and Frankincense) specified in the Essential Oils Desk Reference and also had him use ImmuPower once a day on his spine with a warm compress. In addition, I suggested he use drops of pure Frankincense on his feet and PanAway in a V-6 base on his shoulder, where much of his discomfort was localized because of the tumor. The oils were introduced slowly so he could acclimate to each of the oils. My aunt has been with him since he was diagnosed and has been carefully applying the oils for him each day.

Back to his call last week. The tumor on his lung - 93% of it is GONE. The tumor that was in his lymph nodes, there is absolutely no sign of it. The doctor is stunned. Stage four is the final stage of cancer and my uncle is going to beat it. I have no doubt that his road to recovery/remission has been paved by a combination of conventional cancer therapy, a wonderful oil called Frankincense and a lot of prayers.

Terry Q.

Lung Compress - Drawing out toxins in lungs
For those who asked for instructions on drawing out toxins in the lungs I have these notes. I'm not sure if this is for smokers. I think this was for breathing asbestos and manure dust, but it may be the same for smokers.

Layer chest with 3-4 drops of each of the following oils - Peppermint, Lavender, Melrose and Thieves. Cover with hot wet towel. Cover that with non-electric heat, i.e. hot water bottle or gel heat packs. Cover all with hot dry towels. Leave in place for at least two hours. The compress will literally pull the junk out of the lungs through the skin leaving the towel at least discolored if not absolutely black. CAUTION: If using this on a woman with fibroid masses in the breasts, pull out from the back. If not, the debris pulled through will lodge behind the masses and cause an area for disease to begin.

Dana used the example of man who worked with turkeys all his life. The work caused fine dust to clog his lung tissues. I suppose this could easily be adapted to tars and junk from industrial pollution as well.

Millie T.

Emotionally, the lungs represent grief. Has there been something this woman or this baby is grieving over? Look at oils to deal with the emotional issues. As Jessica mentioned, Frankincense and Lavender seem ideal. I'd also consider respiratory oils such as RC and Raven. And how about Cistus (Rose of Sharon) or any of the citrus oils. As far as safety goes (and I'm talking about YL oils only), I'd consider a few drops of any oil safer than drinking a can of Coke, which the OBGYN wouldn't bat an eye over.


One woman cured herself of lung cancer. Her lungs had metastasized and they had completely regrown in a few months of putting on this concoction 3+ times a day on her chest only (back preferable but she had no one to put it on her back), so she made one cup of grape seed oil, put in 7 measly drops of Frankincense and 7 drops of Oregano and all cancer gone and completely regrown lungs in few months.

Gary said that Myrrh and Eucalyptus radiata is the answer for lung infection in a rectal implant, so maybe it will work for lung cancer as a help too?


If this were me and I was told I had a mass in my lung, I'd be using Frankincense in that rectal implant. One of my team members has a customer who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes and a mass in his lung. This person was unable to tolerate chemo and decided to give the oils a try. He used Frankincense topically on his body and when he went back to his doctor for a checkup after a couple of months, his lymph nodes were CLEAR!!! and the mass in his lung was about half the original size. This is not the only story they have to tell about success with Frankincense! Bless you on your journey.

Elaine P.

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