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Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Testimonials

My friend had a shingles outbreak that affected the trigeminal nerve, including optic nerve. I promptly gave him a Raindrop Treatment to lay viruses to rest along his spine. Later as the eruptions healed and the nerve was left in great pain I anointed the nerve area with oil. I thought I had grabbed PanAway, for the Helichrysm content, but in my haste I had left the house with Peppermint. I used many drops, more than I would have had I been paying attention. (please don't do this at home! Pay attention with oils as with any medicines.)

The next evening my pal reported he had the worst excrutiating pain of the illness. No medication helped. Then the pain went away. Period. Was it the Peppermint Oil? I think so. Over all, he thought his shingles episode was milder and shorter than the doctors led him to expect. I reminded him of the Raindrop treatment he received. I left other oils. Thieves and Lavender, but he did not use them. His logical mind was definitely at war with his willingness to experiment. So, I suggest Raindrop kit along spine, and Peppermint. You may want to dilute with V- 6 and apply for a gentle cumulative affect, with prayers too.


I have had great results with an older woman who had had cancer and then developed shingles. When she came to me, the week before they had injected Novacaine into the welts. She had 23 shots of novacaine. She also was taking heavy duty pain pills 4 times a day. I applied Valor to her feet and then Oregano, Thyme and Cypress. I literally then sat there and watched the welts disappear. Several applications are needed. It is best if you can do it once a day for several days. Hot compresses on the area after applying the essential oils then a carrier oil on top work well also.


I had Shingles twice. After the second time I had 8 years of chronic post neuralgia pain. I was given antiviral and steroid drugs at the time of the second outbreak. When I started to use YL oils I researched the antiviral oils and finally settled on Oregano. I applied 6 drops Oregano to carrier oil and rubbed it into the site of the nerve damage on my back all the way around to the front of my rib cage, which is where the pain was. I then applied hot compresses and in 3 days the pain was gone and has not come back in 18 months. Hope this helps.


We use Gentle Baby on this issue. I have a friend who gets this at her hair line and on one side of her hip. Gentle Baby lessens the pain FAST for her!

Jessica W.

My husband also had shingles and he also suffered with great pain on the right leg. We used a lot of Lemongrass and tons of PanAway along with Ortho Sport. It took him at least three months before the pain went away. If you know of any one that does Raindrop Therapy in your area it would be wise to get him one whenever you can. I gave my husband one at least twice a week for quite some time then cut it down as the pain went away. You may also try the oil Relieve It. My husband also uses quite a few supplements. So check the book and add what supplements it calls for.


My 95-year old grandmother came down with shingles after learning some tragic news in the family. Instead of releasing her sorrow, she chose to bury it within herself and developed shingles almost immediately. We were guided to use Lavender and when her shingles became crusty with the scabs, applying the Lavender we had the scabs pop off almost 3 seconds after application. It cooled her down as she was hot. For the pain, I used Reiki and she resolved within 2 weeks of the event. Whenever someone develops shingles it's because they have an overworked immune system. The sooner we find out what the root cause is behind the issue and can release it, the sooner the ailment passes.


Here is a great story, a true one about my mother's experience with an oil. My mom is in her sixties and had chicken pox in her day. She had been around a granddaughter in the first stages and two weeks later Mom began experiencing prickly sensations in and under her skin. She was concerned that she was getting shingles. I suggested that she try two drops of Oregano on each foot and if she is brave use two to four drops in an oil base along the spine. (EODR suggests that viruses lie dormant for years along the spine.) Drink lots of water, I told her, as you will likely cleanse. Oh, she thought she was cleaned out! She put Oregano in both places. The next morning she woke with NO back pain the first time in over 25 years. EODR says, too, that some inflammations are caused by viruses. She is one happy lady. Yesterday, two days from initial oiling, she has itchy, raised bumps in mass on her neck and down her spine where the oil was put. She says, "Guess the virus is coming out of me?" Today she says her neck and back are feeling better. She used Lavender and Melaleuca on the raised spots. My mom introduced me to the oils, but has been slower to see the power of them. She got POWER this time.

I have in my notes from Gary Young that Melissa is known to help shingles. I do not have how to apply it, just the information that the oil is known to help with shingles.

Mickee R.

You DO know that Shingles are related to Chicken Pox, right? Here are a few things that a dear friend has tried. She gets them so bad she can't move! She swears that Ravensara is the oil for Shingles, right on them. And she puts it up her nose too as an added measure! I would also look at Dentarome on them as soon as you feel the beginnings of them. Kristen (my friend) also swears that Gentle Baby helps FAST! In answer to your questions YES, I think cleansing the liver can bring them up. Also try thinking outside of the box. For example Witt had a breakout of either Shingles or a NASTY cluster of cold sores. It was about as big as a nickel on his bottom lip. I tried Clove. No help, it still grew. I tried Thieves, no help, it still grew. I finally got on my knees and asked for help and as I stood up, I knew I needed to put RC oil on it. Yep, RC! So I did and it not only stopped growing, but it went away in about four days! Have you tried all of the oils in the EODR for this? If not, do it. We all know that oils work differently on different people. I would also look at Melrose! Just a few ideas.

Jessica W.

A few years ago right at Christmas, I came down with shingles. I was lucky as it was just on my chest/abdomen. What worked really well for me, along with Raindrop Therapy was using Oregano and Thyme on my feet and directly on location. Yes, it burned a bit. And, it worked. My doctor wanted to give me a shot that knocks it out (some kind of steroid). I chose oils. Even though he felt I could have ended the episode much faster his way, he had to admit that my way worked pretty well. And I never had any scarring. So, besides doing the Raindrop Therapy, I suggest (if it's possible) that your dad learn how to put the oils on his feet a couple times a day to help.


Find someone who has a Rife machine, too. I used both in my healing from Shingles. Check out a website about Rife to locate someone in your area.

David C.

The EODR recommends Calophyllium inophyllium with Ravensara for shingles. Apparently this combination eases the itching and pain for shingles. I have reason to believe that this combination would soothe other sorts of skin distress also. To obtain calophyllium inophyll, you can contact Alan or Mei-Ming Raicer at Real World Health in NJ. Their email address is info@realworldhealth.com.

Vicki O.

Chicken pox are bad enough the first time, but who wants to deal with them again, especially years later when you think they're just a bad childhood memory? Unfortunately, if you've had chicken pox, the virus lies dormant in your body and can develop into a painful case of shingles many years after your original chicken pox infection. Mainstream treatment involves taking an anti-viral medication and steroids. The infection usually goes away within three to five weeks. But in some people, especially the elderly, the pain can persist for months or even years. This condition, known as post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), is thought to be due to continuing irritation of the nerves after the infection is over. Treatments for PHN include steroids, antidepressants and in severe cases, nerve blocks. These options are pretty undesirable if you ask me, especially for long term use. Luckily, there's a promising, safe, all-natural treatment to try - Vitamin E. In one study, 13 individuals with chronic PHN received Vitamin E both orally and topically (applied to the painful areas of the skin). Nine of the 13 patients experienced complete or almost complete relief of pain. The typical (oral) dose of Vitamin E for PHN is 1,200-1,600 IU/day. The treatment may have to be continued for several months or longer before improvement is seen.

We have had spectacular, fast results with Shingles and Ravensara.


My brother had Shingles and I had him use Melrose. He said that it did help. The breakout areas were not as sore and healed faster.


Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Shingles is an active (generally short lived) viral infection of the central nervous system that affects certain areas of the skin. This usually starts with fatigue, fever, chills and at times intestinal upset. On the third to fourth day, the affected skin area becomes excessively sensitive. On the fourth or fifth day, small painful blisters erupt along the nerve pathway and crust over. Normally these heal in about 5 days without further problems. One attack usually gives immunity for life. However, with some, particularly the elderly, pain can persist for months, even years. The virus that causes shingles is Varicella zoster, which also causes chicken pox. A childhood bout with chicken pox leaves some viruses dormant in sensory (skin) nerves. If the immune system is compromised from things such as severe emotional stress, illness, or long term use of corticosteroids, the dormant viruses may start to infect the pathway of the skin nerves. Essential Oils versus Shingles Equal amounts of Ravensara and Calophyllum inophyllum applied to a shingles outbreak have produced dramatic improvement and complete remission within 7 days (Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, p. 56, 971). NOTE: Occurrences of Shingles around the eyes or on the forehead can cause blindness. Consult an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) immediately if such outbreaks occur.

Single Oils: Elemi, Tansy, Clove, Oregano, Mountain Savory, Thyme, Juniper, Geranium and Peppermint. Ravensara with Calophyllum inophyllum (a fatty acid oil). Melaleuca with Lemon, Geranium, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint or Chamomile.

Supplements: ArthroTune and Super Cal.

Raindrop Technique (layer in order): Oregano, Mountain Savory and Thyme (warm pack for 30 minutes between each oil application). Be sure to place a towel between the skin and hot pack. Continue with Juniper, Geranium and Peppermint with an ice pack for 30 minutes between each oil application. Recipe 1 - 5 drops Elemi, 5 drops Tansy and 2 drops Clove. Recipe 2 - 10 drops Chamomile, 5 drops Lavender, 4 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Geranium. Mix in 1 ounce V-6 Mixing Oil or Massage Oil Base. Apply on location and also apply a cold or body temperature compress.

I have 2 friends who had been having pain from a blistery skin condition that was following a nerve path, one was very internal and the other on her face. They had been having pain for months, used the prescribed medication, two kinds and still severe pain. One tried Ravensara for 3 days to the area and her pain is gone. The second friend, with the same condition on her face, used the Ravensara and in the first day noticed decreased burning, pain and swelling. By the end of the week, she was much improved. I am so grateful for the Young Living oils and so are they!


I myself suffered from shingles and yes, coconut oil stops the pain if applied topically. The pain goes away fast.

Melly J.

I have four friends with Shingles and unequivocally the answer has been equal parts of Thieves and Ravensara in a capsule every few hours. For three of them, it took less than a day for relief and the fourth took 48 hours (she is a bit more toxic than the others!)

Jessica W.

I did the Raindrop Technique on a woman that had been suffering with an outbreak of this particular ailment for several months. The morning after the RT she excitedly exclaimed that the pain and the symptoms had vanished. They did not return! Thyme, Oregano, Melaleuca and Ravensara are huge for viral issues and in the RT you use Thyme and Oregano. It is an acute viral issue and it has to do with inflammation as well, so water, water, water is seriously called for along with cleansing the system. After you ask those folks how much water do they drink, they typically respond with "I drink water all the time! Then ask them how many ounces or what is the average amount of water you actually drink every day? Or how many times does that water bottle actually get to your lips? Most people when asked the specific questions finally will admit that they consume 32 ounces per day or less at best and the rest is coffee, tea, pop. This is not enough and they may want to take a look at serious dehydration issues.

Jeanette R.

When my Dad had shingles he would put pressure on the top of his foot on the same side as the shingles. The pressure point was about an inch and a half back toward the heel between the 2nd and 3rd toes or 3rd and 4th toes. Where ever there is a tender spot put some pressure on it and hold it for a few minutes and the pain would ease up and he was able to get by without the pain medicines. He found great relief this way.

Jackie B.

I would only take Ravensara and Thieves for an outbreak, not daily! Also try Riboflavin (B-2) and L-Lysine. DMSO cream is the fastest way to catch an outbreak for my boys who both have this! We have had great results with a 00 cap with ten drops of Ravensara and ten drops of Thieves. I advocate doing it two times a day, but to each his own. There is a woman on my other YL email list that had blood tests done before and after and her herpes zoster count went done significantly. She said the doctor was floored! My two dear friends get relief within minutes of Ravensara internally and only have to take the oils for one day to end an outbreak. One of them has only had to do the protocol one time and it has never reoccurred in three years!


My mother in law was told she had this problem. She spent two months on medicines and she still was having problems. I am a massage therapist and finally talked her into letting me help her. I used Elemi on her right arm that was directly affected. After using it once, she was finally able to go through the day without any problems. In the past she has had breakouts every couple of years. I gave her a second massage and used the Elemi on that arm again and she has not had a breakout since. This has been a year ago so with time we will see exactly how much it has helped.

Janet Ballingham

My sister and niece have Shingles right now. They are both taking an herb - you can get it from Natures Way. It is Red Clover. They only took 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night. Not the recommended dose and it has worked wonders. Along with the oils and I don't think you can go wrong. They both swear by this herb. Just thought I would share. Have a wonderful day.


Get regular Raindrop Treatments (once a month or so). If you want, have the facilitator include Ravensara, but I don't feel it's necessary. Six months from now, have the test again. I'm confident the herpes zoster virus will be no more. Better to get rid of it now than to wait for a flare-up.


I would try using Rehemogen. It doesn't taste the greatest but I am very convinced it would do the trick. I used Rehemogen about a year and half ago and last September I went to the doc for my 3 month appointment and was made aware that I was no longer up to date on my shots. Funny how the doctors say the vaccines are good for 10 years and it had only been 8 years. (I was vaccinated before I knew better). In between the birth of my daughter and my son was 2 years and the only thing I done differently was use Rehemogen. This is why I am convinced that it'll help.

Wishing you health! Jacky

For shingles, to help raise the immune system, take 7 drops Ravensara for 21 days.

Vicki O

For shingles Oregano, seven drops in capsule two times a day for 21 days.


Shingles can be a real bugbear for an elderly person and it is quite common. It comes about through the nervous system and can be a reaction to stress or frustration or anger but it is not all that helpful to tell the person this normally. First aid treatment is to get hold of Hypericum (St Johns Wort) Oil and add a couple of drops of the Bach Flower essences Holly and Rescue Remedy. You will be able to get these from your health food store. The oil may be smoothed over the areas that are troubled two or three times daily sparingly and should quite quickly offer relief. The same two Bach flower essences should also be added to all drinking water as well. Just two drops of each to each glass of water during the day.

Robert M.

Edna Miller had shingles and used L-lysine and B Complex. It cleared up her shingles. I've used the Melissa Floral Water with good results for shingles on the spine. Floral waters don't seem to be in stock anymore. Maybe if lots of us would request them, they would offer them again. VitaGreen has Melissa Oil in it, so it would be a good choice internally to support the immune system. B vitamins are important as they support the nervous system. Juniper Oil does that too. I soaked in the tub with a mixture of oils including Juniper that really helped.


The lady I worked with had been fighting it for about 3 weeks before she was open to a Raindrop. She was skeptical and a little nervous about the whole thing. She told me she couldn't lie still, so would probably have to move around now and then. I started with Peace and Calming on her feet, even before the Valor. She needed that. I also had her breathe it in. I did all the oils on her feet before moving to the spine. In fact, that is what I would do with an elderly person also as the feet usually handle these hot oils better and then I would use fewer drops and maybe even put V-6 on the spine first before the hot oils. Anyway, back to the lady with shingles. I did a regular Raindrop, but added in either Juniper or Helichrysum to help support the nerves. When she got off the table, her pain was totally gone as well as other aches and pains not associated with the shingles! Approximately 1 week later I gave her another Raindrop and the shingles have never reoccurred! On a side note. I also did a Raindrop for another lady with shingles who had been dealing with it longer, had no outward sign of it, but dealt with the pain daily. She had relief for about a day, but the pain came back. It may take more Raindrops and possibly some emotional work for some people depending on many things including the length of time they've had it and if they really want to be rid of it. I personally feel the Raindrop is the most powerful way to address shingles (and many other issues)! Still amazed!


Blend 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Melaleuca, 10 drops Thyme and mix in with Ortho Sport Massage Oil.


I was having severe pain in my lower back on the left side. (nerve pain) I went to the doctor and she said there was no rash but all the symptoms were leading her to believe I was getting Shingles. She then informed me that I could break out into a rash and it would be painful. She said she could give me a prescription for the pain. I took the written prescription from her, came back to work to email my sister to ask what to do for shingles. She recommended Ravensara and Helichrysum. So I ordered them and had it shipped overnight! I began to use them every couple hours. Well needless to say the pain stopped. I never did get the rash so I can't say for sure it was Shingles but to this day when I feel the sensation of the nerve pain in my lower left side I grab the oils and use them. What a wonderful thing not to have to rely on prescription pain medication.

Terri W.

My husband broke out with Shingles on his upper leg and around his low back on the left side. I made up a recipe for him to put on topically and had him start drinking Berry Young Juice daily for increased immune support. Within 3 weeks the shingles rash was completely cleared up and he had no more pain. The recipe is 10 drops Raven, 20 drops each of Ravensara, Lavender, Helichrysum, Melrose, Tamanu Oil. Put a few drops on topically every time the pain returns (this will be several times a day and night if the pain happens to keep you awake or causes you to wake up). I mixed the oils into an empty 15ml Lavender bottle that he carries with him everywhere in his T-shirt pocket. I have also applied the Raindrop Technique on him that is outlined in the EDR for Shingles. So far no more shingles and it has been over a year with no pain or rash.

Denise C.

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