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Sinus Infection Testimonials

I had a chronic sinus infection for over three years. At that time Dr. Young's recipe for antibiotic oils was on this site. I followed the formula by taking three oils in a gel cap three times a day and in three days the infection was completely gone. Since then, whenever I get a sore throat or a hint of a sinus infection I go back on the oils until the symptoms are gone. Usually just a day or two.

I was worried about over using Oregano until I read an email stating that an oiler's husband who had just completed a treatment from the Young Living Clinic was on a course of taking Oregano internally for five months with no ill effects. This course of treatment has really worked for me. I feel like a human being again. My energy has returned and my constant sinus headaches are gone. And the real relief is that I no longer have the constant lung infections that kept my asthma flared up. I am off a majority of the asthma medications and feeling better than I have in years. Here is the antibiotic formula that I used. I used 8 drops Mountain Savory, 10 drops Lemon and 3 drops Oregano. I put the oils in gel caps that you can get at any health food store.

Sue Boyd

I know that diffused Pine oil is reputed to have great benefit on the respiratory system. Lemon Oil in purified water may also benefit him, both for its antibacterial effect and a lot of water helps to hydrate the body and rid it of mucous. I have used Eucalyptus in the past to clear sinuses. If you see white patches in the back of his throat with elevated temperature and generalized fatigue you might want to see an MD as it may be Strep.

Light and love, Luanna

In our house to care for sinuses and ears, we use Ravensara. You could also use RC. I would diffuse RC, or Eucalyptus with Peppermint or Lemon, or then use the RC or Ravensara or ImmuPower all around the outside of the ears and the behind the ears. I would mix with a little oil - V6 or olive oil would be fine, mixed with a drop of the essential oil. I would place it in the ear that way with just a little essential oil. You could also do hot/warm compresses over the ear and sinus area. A hot bath with some of the same mixed in a little honey so it will disperse would also be nice. I would also start taking the antibiotic formula internally 2 times each day, or Longevity if you have it. Cut out dairy, sugar and wheat. Get lots of rest too! If your intuition says Surrender, by all means! Surrender would be very soothing to put in the bath or diffuse.


I have used all the oils for sinus problems. So tonight I thought I might need a change. Viola! I used Aroma Siez and massage oil base on a Q-tip and swabbed the nasal passages. This is the most relief I have had in weeks. It doesn't smell that badly either. It never ceases to amaze me that one gets a different oil and it is amazing and works so well.

Rose Kristina

I had a surprise today. Brushing with Dentarome toothpaste, my sinuses began to drain and have been clear all day. You can bet I'm going to track this one and see where it goes!


I have found that if you put a little oil (just tip the bottles over on your finger) and apply the oil by lifting your upper lip and where it joins the gum and lip apply the oils, it goes directly to the sinus area. I usually apply Peppermint this way but applying others to go directly to sinuses may be an experience.


It's the barometric pressure changes that cause the sinus pain. I get it too, but I also get pain throughout my entire body (I'm sure it's because I'm too acidic). For the sinus pain I have used Release with great results. Sulfurzyme seems to help overall in dealing with it before it can happen. Watch the weather and up your dosage if necessary before weather changes occur. Good luck.

Peace and Love, Sally Ostler

I would like to take a minute to share the different oils that I had success with. I used PanAway on the side that was paralyzed I also used it on my feet and pulse points. I rubbed it over my nose as well to clear up sinus pressure. I did the hot towel compress with a dry towel over it to keep the heat in. IT WILL BURN A BIT. That is how you know that area needs work and attention.


It was last winter that I had coughing and my chest hurt so bad that I thought I had a Mack truck sitting on it. Anyway, I got my Reference Guide for essential oils out. Looked under respiratory and got some ideas. These are Dr. Young's Recipes. Alternate oils of Raven and RC in rectal implant. Now the thought of a rectal implant did not thrill me at all, but I was desperate and wondering if this would really work. So I used 20 drops of Raven in 1 tablespoon of mixing oil and did the implant. Oh my - what an instant relief it was. The heaviness in my chest was instantly half gone. The next night I did the same thing and the next night the same and I didn't have to do it any more after that. Just like Dr. Young says, there is a nerve that runs directly from the rectum to the lungs and if you do an implant, it will travel there in 3 seconds. Believe me it did. I have since used the same recipe this year for coughing and sinus drainage. I found that it works great for this too.

Sandy Pinkston

I also have horrible sinus trouble and have had surgery myself. I am trying to get things under control, but it is a long battle! One recipe I have just recently tried, which was recommended by a friend comes from the old PDR. 1 drop Lemon, 2 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Rosemary and 2 drops Peppermint. Mix in 1 teaspoon V-6 mixing oil or Massage Oil Base. Massage on sinuses (forehead, nose, under cheekbones) and on chest and upper back. I do this twice a day. I have also been taking capsules of Oregano, Lemon and Clove twice a day. Another thing that helps some is to use a homemade saline solution with a drop of Purification added to it and spraying it into the nose throughout the day. Or placing a drop of Purification on a Q-Tip and rubbing it on the inside of the nose - but watch out, this is strong!

Lisa Neuharth

I use Myrtle for sinus stuff. Also Geranium for some allergies. I put the oil on the palm side of my fingers or on the pad side of my toes. These are the sinus nerve ending locations. You might consider some detox, due to the heavy metals where you work.

Joe Futterer

I suffer from chronic congestion. My nose and sinuses are plugged all the time. It's especially bad in the mornings after I've been lying down all night. Sometimes I wake up feeling like my head it going to explode. I pulled out the EODR and looked up what to do for sinusitis. One of the single oils listed is Peppermint. It said to rub the oil over the nose and sinus cavities and inhale. WOW. The first night I did this, as soon as I put the oil on my sinuses felt wide open. John said that my breathing that night was very rattley, he said it was obvious the oil was breaking stuff up. I also made up recipe number 3 in the EODR with Lemon, Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary and Peppermint. I put this on a few minutes after I put the straight Peppermint oil on. Now when I wake up in the morning my sinuses are clear and I don't feel congested anymore.

Regarding problems with the ears, I would highly recommend Ravensara as a very supportive oil, especially for issues related to sinus congestion or allergies. This can be layered on with the Grapefruit Oil for added potency. To begin with, I would layer these on the ear at least once a day. Twice would be even better, regardless of whether or not there were any symptoms. Of course, you don't want to put directly in the ear, but you can go around the outside of the ear, both in front and in back.

Hope this helps, Kathie

As a former chronic sufferer of sinus infections (for almost a decade), I can say with authority that you are working from the wrong end, honey! Your husband absolutely has to cleanse. A build-up of toxins and mucous in the intestines affects the sinuses. Cleansing Trio is the best way to start, then use the oils to help alleviate the symptoms. The best oils that worked for me are RC, Rosemary, Peppermint and Thieves or Clove (this numbed my sore throat and also good antibiotic). I would diffuse Purification and mix it in a water bottle, then spritz it on my pillow. I also diffused Lemon. I also tried to get a Raindrop. If I couldn't find someone to do it for me, I would do a mini-Raindrop, as soon as I felt the infection coming on. Using this regimen, the sinus infections eventually became less and less severe, longer time between infections and each infection lasted less time than the day before.


My sister swears by White Pine for sinus congestion. It must have been the only thing I had at the time I first gave her some. But she now says that it works better than anything else I have ever offered her. NETI, a nasal cleansing pot, would also be on my list. When things get really clogged up it helps to clear out the gunk. I find that the oils can work faster when they can reach the mucous membranes. When I inhale the oils after using the NETI, I can really tell the difference.


I had a chronic sinus infection for over three years. We tried every antibiotic that my system would tolerate. Finally, my doctor prescribed a treatment of 8 weeks on the strongest antibiotic on the market today. Within less than a week after completion of this course of antibiotics, the sinus infection was back. At that time, Dr. Young's recipe for antibiotic oils was on this site. I followed the formula by taking the three oils in a gelatin capsule three times a day and in three days the infection was completely gone! Since then, whenever I get a sore throat or a hint of a sinus infection, I go back on the oils until the symptoms leave usually in a day or two. I was worried about overusing Oregano until I read an email stating that an oiler's husband who had just completed a treatment from the Young Life Research Clinic was on a course of taking Oregano internally for five months with no ill effects. This course of treatment has really worked for me. I feel like a human being again. My energy has returned and my constant sinus headaches are gone. And the real relief is that I no longer have the constant lung infections that kept my asthma flared up. What a relief! Here is the antibiotic formula that I used. 8 drops of Mountain Savory, 10 drops of Lemon and 3 drops of Oregano. Put the oils into gelatin capsules that you can get at any health food store.

Sincerely, Sue Boyd

I sense also allergies and allergic reactions as well as sinus infection that seems to linger (guessing now). Which Eucalyptus are you using? There are quite a few. Eucalyptus globulus is the one that the Aussies in WW I used when a whole company was sick and unable to fight. They barricaded the men in barracks type shelters, swabbed down the decks and walls with Eucalyptus globulus and sealed them in, in 2 days all was well because of their confined quarters and oil saturated atmosphere in those rooms.

Frank Seeley

I make a sinus oil using 1 tablespoon of Young Living's V-6 mixing oil in a small bottle and add 3 drops RC, 5 drops Eucalyptus radiata, 2 drops Bergamot, 3 drops Peppermint and 3 drops Lemon. Shake and use a Q-Tip to swab out the inside of each nostril. I use before bed and when I get up in the morning. I can't help but think that maybe it might be an effective way to deter bacteria and viruses since the nasal passage is one way they enter the body. You could vary the EO's depending upon what you have but for me, the Eucalyptus radiata is the real sinus opener.

Briefly, in 3 years I have had chronic sinus problems that lead to fluid in my inner ears. I went to my physican who only treated me with antibiotics and decongestant/antihistimines. When this did not help she sent me to an ENT who suggested surgery to put "tubes in my ears". When I refused he said there was nothing he could do for me. Again the problem continued. My physican suggested an allergist. After 80 scratch tests and an MRI of my sinus passage (with high resolution) she could not find anything that I was allergic to or why this problem was reoccuring. I knew Tina from years ago when she helped me with a inflamed patella (knee problem) and so I called her to see if maybe my spine or something was out of allignment and causing this disturbance. It was not, however she treated me with your Essential Oils... with peppermint oil on the base of my neck as well as theives oil in the back area of my neck, specifically lymph node area. On the sinus passages below my eyes she massaged Raven. Within 5 (yes I said 5) visits in a one week period of timeboth my ears were unblocked. I could hear and a problem WAS resolved as a direct result of using massage and these oils. That is why I am ordering them...I want to do this consistently so that this problem does not come back. Thank you so much!!!

Carol Bodnar

When I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils in 1996, I looked through the book to decide what to order. I ordered the Essential 7 kit, and myrtle oil, because it is supposed to be beneficial for sinuses. Since I was a small child I have had at least four sinus infections every year. It would begin with a sinus cold, then move into the chest as bronchitis, and linger from four to six weeks. I have always been very sensitive to drugs. Even a quarter dose of decongestant puts me to sleep. Antibiotics had no effect. I felt doomed to suffer, dragging myself through months of low energy, dripping, coughing, disturbed rest, fever and pain. My myrtle oil arrived, and in October so did my sinus infection. I used myrtle directly on my sinuses, my cheekbones and forehead. I had relief from symptoms, with not drowsiness or side effects. This myrtle oil is great stuff! I thought. In January, my next sinus infection appeared. I used the myrtle. To my amazement, the whole illness completed its course in about a week, rather than the month it would usually take. Then in March, I felt the familiar signs of a sinus infection on the way. I used myrtle, and the sinus infection NEVER DEVELOPED. That was my last sinus infection for 3 years! Any time I felt the symptoms begin, I would apply myrtle and stop it in its tracks. As I keep using more and more oils, I don't get sick at all any more. Just for the record, in January 1999, I gave my bottle of myrtle to a friend with a sinus infection. I had to take an airplane trip before my replacement bottle arrived from YL. Yes, I got a sinus infection on the way home. Fortunately, my order was waiting for me upon my return. I learned never to be without my myrtle.

Carla Sanders, Hope, Maine

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