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Quitting Smoking Testimonials

Several of my organizations have used Peace and Calming to stop smoking and other obsessive behavior. They put on the sides of the neck and on the bottom of the feet. This is also a wonderful perfume!


I have heard Jean-Marie Freidman say that she used Peace and Calming to help her successfully stop smoking. She said she sniffed it constantly through out the day.


I quit smoking December 31, 2000. I was tired of being a smoker and smelling like an ashtray. But it was also my best friend that comforted me when all went right and wrong in my life. I was frightened of living without my buddies and I was frightened of failing. But guess what? I DID IT!

Clove and Peppermint dropped in my mouth at different times throughout the day helped with cravings. I used Clove most of the time, but when the craving overwhelmed me I put a drop of Peppermint on my tongue and took several deep breaths. It worked like a charm! Sulfurzyme every day and orange juice also helped. Looking back, I should have cleansed during this time. I wholeheartedly believe it wouldn't have been as difficult if I had cleansed (including liver cleanse) while I was quitting.

Plan for success - get a game plan on how to deal with the cravings. I used Clove and Peppermint for my cravings. Water and orange juice were other ways of adding strength to fight the cravings. I would play a game of Solitaire to reward myself for getting through a craving without "caving in" to it! You must truly want to quit or nothing will work. There are no quick potions to halt emotional and physical cravings, only these wonderful oils to lend assistance when needed! Peace and Calming, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Harmony and Into the Future are other oils I found helpful on my adventure to be smoke free! Peace and Calming is my favorite! PLAN FOR SUCCESS!


Lemon water helps decrease the desire to smoke. The body needs extra support during this time too. I would use a couple of drops of Lemon in a tall glass of water and add a few grains of Celtic Salt or take some Mineral Essence. My grandmother was heavily addicted to the habit and this was the only way she could quit.

Diana H.

A drop of Clove in the mouth a few times a day apparently helps with smoking cessation, but the new Thieves Lozenges are wonderful and strong. I don't smoke but my hunch is they sucking on them would take away the yen for another cigarette.

Kiki B.

I don't have a personal experience with this, but in my Aromatherapy class today I learned Patchouli and Geranium together would help stop the craving to smoke.

Nimisha J.

I am new to YLEO and after receiving my first order about a month and a half ago, I put on Valor followed by Harmony and almost immediately, had no desire to smoke. I even tried to keep smoking and not only did the cigarettes taste horrible, but the mental and emotional disparity between poisoning myself with cigarettes and these beautiful healthful essential oils was so striking I had to stop. I've quit more times than I can count and this was probably the first time I was able to stop cold turkey with almost no emotional and physical withdrawal. I went through a bottle of Harmony in the first 10 days and lots of Valor, Grounding and some White Angelica. I have a friend who is interested in quitting smoking. So I had him try some BYJ before they went out for a smoke. He said it was the worst cigarette he ever had in his life. I work as a behavioral consultant and we learn how to change behavior effectively. If you tell yourself that you must have some BYJ before a cigarette and then the cigarettes don't taste as good, you'll be less likely to want a cigarette. Good luck! Happy oils!


The last time I quit smoking, I could not be without Harmony Oil. I really like Harmony anyhow and use a bit daily in my regular routine. However when I was quitting, I found there was something about Harmony I truly needed during the quitting phase. I slathered myself in it, kept some in my purse and whenever I had a craving, I would either put some in my hands and inhale it or put some on myself. I found it stopped the cravings very effectively and was the oil I relied on the most. Valor is also great for all around courage, but it was the Harmony that worked the best in fighting the intense nicotine cravings.


I have read that a drop of Thieves under the tongue helps a lot and has worked even in people who have smoked for many years. Hope this helps.


I was working a booth at a woman's show and the woman in the booth next to me was looking very stressed and troubled. There was pain in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I'm having a nicotine fit. I haven't had a cigarette since 7:30 this morning and I just feel awful. Do you think any of these oils might help?" I said, "Sure". I suggested she put a drop of Exodus II on her hand and lick it (Exodus II has Clove in it and it tastes really good - a little hot, but also sweet, much like the little Red Hot candies). She did that. Then I gave her a drop of Peppermint, suggesting she do the same thing and then run her tongue all around the inside of her mouth. She did that and her eyes lit up! The pain disappeared from her features and she smiled. She said, "Oh my Gosh! It worked! I don't feel like I need to smoke. What is this stuff? This is fantastic!" Needless to say, she bought some oils.

Jacqui C.

Note: Dr. Young has spoken of doing the same thing with Thieves and says it's a good idea to support your liver with JuvaTone and the Re-Juva-Nate kit if choosing to stop smoking. The cravings can be maddening.

Include fenugreek tea to support your lymphatics. Take 2 teaspoons of the seeds into a cup of boiling water steep, strain and drink. Drink Dandelion tea for your liver. The liver is the organ that processes all toxins purchase locally and drink 2-3 cups a day. Reduce your alcohol, caffeine intake and include plenty of fresh air, fresh unprocessed food and exercise. Remember to beat an old habit you need to replace it with a new one. Try to substitute an activity that will take the mind and body off the cravings like exercise a hobby or activity that involves the hands and brain. Purchase Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy and dose yourself am and pm and especially the times when the cravings are kicking in or if you feel sad depressed angry etc.

Robert M.

I recommend Lobelia to all of my smoking friends to help them quit. Every time you crave a cigarette take a two or three droppers full of Lobelia instead. I like Dr. Schultz's Lobelia Extract because it is potent and powerful. Or his Nerve Formula that has Lobelia, Valerian and other calming herbs to help the jitters and the cravings at the same time. In a lung cancer unit they were giving the patients Lobelia trying to help their lungs and they found it had the very good added benefit that by the time they left they were non-smokers. However, my friend's largest complaint is it doesn't taste real great. The Smoke Away program has Lobelia with other herbs to make it taste better so you might give that a try if you feel the taste would be a deterrent for you. I'm sure you know it is impossible to be healthy and smoke at the same time, so best of luck to all on being able to quit!

Caitlin L.

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