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Stomach and Colon Cancer Testimonials

Below is the protocol for stomach and colon cancer. To enhance the action of essential oils, cancer requires strong cleansing and fasting programs. Cancer is best treated in its early stages by alternating varying the essential oils used each week, so the cancer cells do not build up a resistance to the treatment. For a cancer preventative, mix up to 20 mg of these essential oils in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oils and put in 00 size capsule and take one per day. The gastritis associated with H. pylori infection is closely associated with gastric cancers. Highly antiseptic oils can kill Helicobracter pylori that causes the infection. These oils included Oregano, Mountain Savory, Tea Tree and Thyme. Single oils to use are Clove, Frankincense, Ledum, Orange, Tsuga and Lavender. EO Application Ingestion: 00 size, 2-4 times daily. Rice Milk 2-4 times daily.

Colon Cancer Regimen:
Day 1. 10 drops of Frankincense, 10 drops Tsuga in a capsule and swallow 3-4 times daily.
Day 2. 16 drops Frankincense and 3 drops Clove in capsule. Take orally 3-4 times daily.
Day 3. Mix equal parts Frankincense and Lavender in a capsule and take 3-4 times daily.
Day 4. Take Frankincense capsules 3-4 times daily.
Day 5-8. Repeat the above 4 day cycle.
Day 9. Rest for 4 days.
Day 13. Restart the regimen. Dietary Supplementation: Essentialzyme, ComforTone, ICP, Detoxzyme

Supplementation Regimen:
1. Begin with Essentialzyme to digest toxic waste.
2. Take 2 capsules ComforTone 3 times daily. Increase by one daily until the bowels move. Then begin reducing. If diarrhea occurs, reduce amount of ComforTone used and increase ICP fiber beverage. Drink plenty of purified or distilled water.
3. ICP fiber cleanse: Begin with 1 tablespoon in water, 3 times daily. Increase to 2 tablespoons 3 times daily or as needed until bowls are moving regularly.

Single Oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Orange, Clove, Cistus, Tarragon

Researchers have linked most degenerative diseases to lack of nutrients in the body. Minerals and trace minerals play a large part in nutritional deficiencies. Cancer requires a strong cleansing and nutritional building program.

Dr. Gary Young, from the Essential Oils Desk Reference (p.234) suggests doing an intensive cleansing program with Cleansing Trio and JuvaTone (colon and liver). He also suggests the Burrough's Cleanse using cayenne pepper, lemon juice and grade C maple syrup and The Essentialzyme program. Start with 3 tablets, 3 times a day. Increase the amount by 1 tablet every day until vomiting starts. At this point, stop Essentialzyme for 24 to 36 hours. This is to break loose and break down the tumor. Then start again with 4 tablets, 3 times a day and increase the amount until vomiting starts again and then rest again 36 hours. Start again with 5 tablets, 3 times a day. Increase until you vomit. Rest again and go back to the amount taken before the vomiting offices. Continue to take the regular dosage for 6 weeks. Then buy every enzyme Young Living has and use it when you eat. Avoid red meat and white sugar and breads. Eat everything fresh and as many greens as possible. For further knowledge about cancer programs, check the Essential Oils Desk Reference Book by Dr. Gary Young.

Anyone struggling with cancer needs to have knowledge! You can stop cancer or slow it way down. Many factors are involved and all need to be considered for the desired outcome of wellness. Use Raindrop Technique for emotional clearing as well as healing the physical body. Use all the oils that are prescribed in the book. Do the cleansing program without fail. EVERYTHING must be taken into account and done.

I would second the motion on what Jessica states here. Maybe use Rehemogen as well, as it is a good blood cleanser. If you could obtain apricot kernels, that would help too. They have been proven to kill cancer cells. Keep oiling and oiling. There are many ways to defeat cancer, from what I have read. I've heard several testimonials from people extolling apricot kernels, Esiac tea, flax seed oil and cottage cheese - Budwig Gerson diet and cleansing of colon and especially the liver, which we all know is important. Raw juices and lots of water and wheat grass, artificially lowering the blood sugar down into hypoglycemic levels to starve the cancer cells, (done with physician's supervision), hyperbaric oxygen, as 02 kills cancer, jumping on a rebounder, as it moves the lymph and pulls 02 into the cells.

1923, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the reverse connection between 02 and cancer - The more oxygen, the less of cancer and the less oxygen, the greater probability of cancer. If it is already present, cancer regresses in the presence of 02 and gains in strength with its lack. Therefore, cutting off circulation to the tumor is wrong, as this decreases oxygen. You want to improve circulation everywhere, including to where the tumor is. An example is cayenne pepper. It is an effective cancer fighter, because it increases circulation, thus delivering more oxygen to the cells. This is what you want. Emotions are the most important of all. Negativity is death. Being positive and upbeat is life. Praying is very effective. People must be supportive and positive and upbeat - no matter what the therapy is. Norman Cousins defeated his cancer watching funny old movies. He laughed his way back to health. See "Anatomy of an Illness". This is one reason why liver cleansing is so important because it helps to release negative emotions, because anger and hatred and grudges are stored there. Letting go of all bitterness and anger is very important. Love defeats cancer. Hate makes it grow. Smiling, loving and forgiving are devastating to cancer cells. The oils help tremendously in releasing negative emotional patterns. Imaging or imagining your body's immune system routing and destroying the cancer cells has also been shown to be very effective.

Jeff K.

My 35 brother was in stage 5 colon cancer. He had an 18 inch tumor removed. But it had spread into his kidneys, liver, lungs, testes and lymph nodes. He was given 2 weeks to live. We got him on the 21 day cleanse and a Royal Rife machine. Today he is 100% cancer free and back at work. The doctors, of course, are dumbfounded. No one else has ever recovered in their programs. Do the cleanse. Good luck.


Some years ago I took very aggressive chemo for a colon cancer that had escaped the colon wall. It was not known whether or not the cancer had spread, because there was no evidence that it had, just that it had eaten through the wall. So I took a year of aggressive chemo, causing dreadful side effects. It totally wrecked what was left of me. One day, when I was so tired I couldn't even bathe myself (would just go sit in a tub of water and hope some of the dirt would soak off) I got an advertisement in the mail. It said, "Are you tired, blah blah blah, take our pills for renewed vigor and energy." Well I figured it was another fraud, but I was desperate. So I sent off the order thinking that I was buying another few weeks of hope until the pills got here and I found they didn't work. When the pills arrived, I eagerly took one, expecting nothing. Within 15 minutes I felt LIFE returning to my body. I don't get such a kick from them anymore as I don't need them so terribly. What it was, was a tiny little 15 mg pill of Co-Enzyme Q-10. Co-Q-10 is needed for the respiration of every cell in the body and while found abundantly in nature so that the doctors never think you could be short of it, chemo ROBS THE BODY of Co-Q-10. That was when I went whole hog on alternative medicine and nutrition. I have almost recovered my health. Not quite. I still have the diabetes precipitated by six weeks of intravenous glucose in the ICU because of blood clots due to chemo. That is another thing to watch out for in chemo patients. You are so devoid of energy you don't move enough and too nauseated to drink enough water and you get clots and embolisms. So give her some Helichrysum and Cloves, etc, to try to prevent the clots. Those wonderful shots they give you in ICU to dissolve clots cost over a thousand bucks apiece. And then they fill you full of heparin to prevent more and then you have to take coumadin pills ever after (scary). So try to keep her blood thin and make sure she is taking big doses of Co-Q-10. The cheaper kind of Co-Q-10 is not soluble in water so you have to be sure to ingest it with fat. If she is too nauseated to eat any fat stuff, there are expensive water soluble Co-Q-10 pills for sale. They told me that chemo would not work unless you are gaining weight and with the nausea, that is some trick. I accomplished this, however, by keeping a jar of peanut butter out on the counter and every time I passed taking a half teaspoonful as I could keep a tiny amount down. Those nausea pills they give you are worthless. They keep you from throwing up, but they don't kill the sensation of nausea and throwing up is welcome when you are feeling like that. I have heard marijuana kills the nausea but unless you live in California you can't get it. I asked my oncologist to prescribe some of the THC pills made from marijuana for chemo patients, but the little Christian was so shocked, he almost didn't recover. NEVER, he said, would he prescribe marijuana pills to any of his patients although I believe they are available by prescription in every state. I will pray for your sister-in-law, Frank. Be sure she is getting good nutrition also. Juices, if she can keep them down. Wheat grass juice, carrot juice, etc.


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