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You may already know that Chakras are vortexes of energy that reside in specific areas of your physical body.

But what you may not know is that they're more than just whirlygigs of energy all over your body.

And you may not know that you can do more with them than "opening" them or "activating" them.

Chakras serve a very important purpose. They send and receive vital information throughout your body. Much like the physical senses of sight, hearing, and smell, Chakras serve as communication devices for your body, sending and receiving information that's vital to the survival and well-being of you and your human body.

Your senses of taste and smell rely on chemical information. Your sense of sight is based on light. In the case of Chakras, the information is vibrational or energetic.

Now, with my guided meditation, Manifesting Through the Chakras you can enjoy a relaxing guided meditation while you effortlessly use your Chakras to make your entire body a manifesting magnet!

How the Chakraic System Works

The Chakras are connected to each other via a meridian of energy called the Pranic Tube (the black line in this image). This tube carries the vibrational information from one Chakra to each of the other Chakras instantaneously, and then just as instantly throughout your entire body via the energy meridians.

Those who work with Chakras for the most part simply open or widen the mouth of their fulcrum or get the chakras spinning faster. However, one important aspect they don't address is the direction in which the Chakras are spinning.

Why would you want to know the direction in which your Chakras are rotating? Simple. To control whether you're receiving or sending energy through your Chakras.

The direction in which the Chakra is rotating determines whether it's sending or receiving information. For manifesting purposes your Chakras should be rotating in the correct direction in order to draw to you that which you desire.

About the Meditation

In this guided meditation you'll direct your Chakras to spin in the correct rotation in order to increase your magnetizing power for whatever you wish to manifest. You'll also increase the speed at which they spin so that their drawing power is greater. As you listen to this guided meditation, you'll be using visualizations and the correct directional spin to draw into your Chakras the energy of what you desire to manifest.

This intelligent energy will be suffused throughout your body, making your entire body a powerful magnet for that which you desire to manifest.

There is a short musical interlude between Chakras. During this time just relax and enjoy whatever visions, thoughts, and sensations come to you. They’re all part of your manifesting process.

Run time: 32.58 minutes

Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation
while you effortlessly make your entire body a manifesting magnet!



This meditation is adapted from my online class, Manifesting Through the Chakras.

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