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The Sacred Solfeggio Scale

The "Lost" Solfeggio Notes
The original sound frequencies of the Solfeggio scale were used in ancient Gregorian chants, and were "lost" centuries ago. The chants and the electromagnetic frequencies of this scale were believed to enhance the spiritual experience of those hearing the notes.

The sacred Solfeggio Scale was rediscovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo through a series of events that some would call miracles. He was guided to the Pythagorean method of numerical reduction which led to his deciphering of the frequency of these notes as hidden in the text of the Biblical book, Numbers.

Solfeggio Notes and DNA
In order for DNA to be reprogrammed, the cell membrane must first be opened to allow the information access to the DNA. One of the ways to open the cell is by activating the receptors in the cell membrane so that the message the RNA picks up will be transmitted to the DNA.
The frequencies of the Solfeggio notes open the cell so new programming can be imprinted on the DNA.

During the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, color, sound, and intentional thought are used to reprogram the DNA with the new information. The new programming activates not only the 12 electro-magnetic strands of DNA, but also the energy layers that surround the DNA which connect to the 12 dimensions that are accessible to us at this point in our evolution.

Note Ancient Latin Name Translation Frequency
UT Utqueant laxis Liberating guilt and fear 396 Hz
RE Resonare fibris Undoing situations and facilitating change 417 Hz
MI Mira gestorum Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair) 528 Hz
FA Famuli tuorum Connecting/Relationships 639 Hz
SOL Solve pollute Solutions/Expression 741 Hz
LA Labii reatum Awakening Intuition 852 Hz

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