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About Warrior Priestess

I AM Warrior Priestess, blessed with Fire and Ancient Wisdom.

My Purpose is to create pathways of enlightenment, teaching others how to create their own inner Light.

The Warrior part of that statement means that I am a fierce defender of Truth and Light. My spiritual symbol is the crystal Sword of Truth, which I carry as an energy within me, ever ready to cut away that which hides the Truth. I chose to be born with my sun and moon in the sign of Sagittarius, in order that my focus in both my inner and outer worlds is a constant search for the Truth.

As a Priestess, I have the ability - and the responsibility - to channel information from higher realms and to translate it so it might be understood in this dimension. This ability has been with me from lifetime to lifetime, and is of the Magdalene lineage. The information I receive comes from many sources - my guides, my Higher Self, your guides, Gaia, Spirit/Source, and others.

Having a Sagittarius sun and moon in my natal chart, doubly blesses me with the element of Fire, giving me great energy and passion for the work of this, my Life Purpose.

Many lifetimes I have enjoyed an Earthwalk, and I bring forward to this lifetime the Ancient Wisdom that I gleaned from each of these other lifetimes. As is appropriate, I am still unveiling and remembering much of what I learned in previous lifetimes. At the perfect time, the memory of a "new" healing technique or an enhanced "psychic" ability is triggered within me, expanding my database of wisdom in this current time.

My Life Purpose is to empower others to remember their own inner wisdom. This takes many forms - coaching, teaching, channeling, and more. Often the forms are combined, such as coaching and channeling. During the coaching sessions I open to receive Higher Wisdom and integrate it into the work my client and I are doing. Nothing stirs my Fire energy more than seeing my client's Light begin to shine brightly as they recognize and claim their own inner power.

In the world of the 3rd Dimension I am known as Kathy Wilson, Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, author, and Reiki Master.

I live with my life mate and husband, Wayne, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where we both are pursuing our unique pathways of enlightenment. Our home is surrounded by forest and many good neighbors.

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