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The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation



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The Akashic Record, or the Akash as it's sometimes called, is the record of your Soul since your very first beginning or incarnation. It contains all your personal history, everything you've ever experienced in every lifetime you've ever had... and you've had hundreds and possibly thousands of lifetimes!

Imagine the wealth of information - the knowledge and wisdom - stored in your Akashic Record.

Imagine being able to access your Akashic Record and glean valuable wisdom from your past lifetimes.

Imagine how all that knowldge can help you, such as:

  • showing you solutions to current problems
  • answering those "why" questions about your life
  • enlightening you regarding your Higher Purpose
  • guiding you through the challenges you're facing now

    "Some very deep healing occurred from the information gathered from the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval and that knowledge is having an effect on my life. It illuminated the real cause of the disease and the best way to deal with it. This is really profound!" JM, Florida

The highest degree of Akashic Wisdom is stored in the DNA that resides within each of your chakras.

Where is your Akashic Record?

Although scientists recently decoded human DNA, contrary to what they first believed they didn't decode the entirety of it. They soon discovered that what they had decoded was only 3.5% of the entire double helix DNA strand.

The remaining 96.5% of your DNA is where your Akashic Record resides.

Although there are a few people who are able to "read" or access the information in another's Akashic Record, for most of us that information has remained locked away and inaccessible. Until now.

Recently my spirit guides gave me a simple, step-by-step process for accessing the wisdom stored within the Akashic Record - the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval - a process ancillary to the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation.

The Akashic Wisdom Retrieval is a simple yet powerful process, similar to a guided meditation or visualization.

Using the seven major chakras as the gateway to your Akashic Record, astounding wisdom is revealed to you... wisdom you've gained throughout all your past lifetimes.

The sacred Solfeggio tones are utilized during the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval to enhance your ability to more easily access the information you seek - the knowledge and wisdom that's stored in your Akashic Records.

"Not only was the process relaxing and insightful, the results have been subtle yet very appearent. My focus was on creativity and working with creativity in different aspects of my life and the important symbol I received was a musical note (sound is the basis of all creation). With with each chakra, I visualized a different image, but all were connected and Kathy helped me understand how they will work together to assist me with my creativity. Since the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval, I have noticed more creative writing ideas, more problem solving ideas, and a feeling of being more open to different aspects of creativity in my everyday life." KF, California

What's the difference between a past life regression and the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval?

A past life regression accesses just one past life at a time. The Akashic Wisdom Retrieval allows you access to all of them and brings forth the most pertinent and important wisdom available from many lives. A past life regression is specific to one lifetime whereas the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval is specific to one issue which may span many lifetimes.

During an Akashic Wisdom Retrieval session you'll:

  • receive a powerful symbol representational of the subject or question upon which you wish to receive higher information.
  • learn how to use the symbol after the session whenever you wish to glean more knowledge and wisdom about your subject.
  • experience profound and revealing visualizations
  • be given words of wisdom regarding your question
  • experience the powerful energy of your personal will and how you might use it regarding the query
  • feel the emotion that connects you to a past incident or event, giving you the knowledge of the source of any blockages you may have toward your subject
  • discover the people from your past and present who are instrumental to your query and how they can help you now

    "I want to let you know how much more clarity of thought I have! I am receiving so much more understanding about the questions I've been grappling with, and with that understanding I am finally getting some PEACE!" HT, Oregon

The Akashic Wisdom Retrieval is available on CD or as an mp3 download. The benefits to each are:

  • CD - The same process as the private session is recorded on the CD, including pre-instructions, the Akashic Wisdom Retrieval process, and instructions for afterward. Because there are no time constraints when you use the CD, you can pause the recording between chakras to fully experience the information you receive. You can use the CD again and again, any time you wish to retrieve your Akashic Wisdom to help ease you through your life experiences. However, it doesn't include the benefit of receiving personal spiritual coaching from me before and after the session. $29.95 + $4.95 S&H
  • mp3 download - The recording on the download is exactly the same as the CD. The benefit is that you receive it instantly, rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail. This is especially attractive to those who live in countries other than the US, where customs may slow delivery of the CD. $24.95

Akashic Wisdom Retrieval CD

$29.95 plus $4.95 S&H

Akashic Wisdom Retrieval
mp3 Download


Important note: Because your Akashic Record is stored within your DNA, for optimum results it is recommend that you have the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation at least three days and preferably two weeks previous to experiencing Akashic Wisdom Retrieval.

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