12 strand DNA activation mp3 download

"The emotional peace is remarkable. I've grown peace and courage that I've never known. I respond to any situation from a place of self-knowledge and self-acceptance that is very empowering."

Curtis Folts

"Since having my activation, I feel more at peace, more grounded, more at ease with life in general."

Kathy F.
Westminster, CA

"I felt an immediate Spiritual connection, like a huge dark fog had been lifted. I felt a connection to everything around me."

Cheryl Hartlen
Vancouver, B.C., Canada


"Shortly after I had my activation, I started conducting energy healings for my friends. I don't know how I got the idea, Ijust knew how to do it."

Luisa D.

"I definitely feel more able to view things from higher perspectives. I feel like I am residing from a place of higher perspective instead of just occasionally visiting."


"I have had an enormous amount of energy and I feel rejuvenated. I feel very grounded and energetic."

Felicia P.
Troy, NY

"This activation is for anyone who is ready to open themselves to their next step - awakening dormant levels of their true essence to its potential."

Dakara Kies
Seattle, WA

"My food cravings have been diminishing. I am not spending my days secretly bingeing on junk food."

Janet M.
New York

"Since the activation I feel turbocharged and am always amazed at how much more energy I have."

Tim Steinruck
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"As a professional psychic and channel, I could not have opened up so fully (without the DNA activation). I am now better connected to Spirit through the Archangel Uriel."

Curtis Folts

"During the activation a great feeling of peace - that connection to my soul. I recommend this activation to anyone on a spiritual journey - it was wonderful!!!!

Mary S.

The Next Step
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The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation
Online mp3 Download

12 strand DNA activation and interdimensional layers activationIt's time. The energy on the planet is calling for us all to raise our vibration.

It's time. After eons of being disconnected from the spiritual portion of your DNA, you can once again experience being your Divine Self.

It's time. Step up to the next level of spiritual evolution with the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround them.

You'll enjoy a wonderful experience and successful activation as you participate in the activation of your 12 DNA strands, the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround each DNA strand, and your Akashic Record which resides within each DNA strand.

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation download includes pre-instructions, the guided visualization for the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy, the sounds of the Sacred Solfeggio tones, and post-activation instructions and information.

About Your 12 DNA Strands

As scientific research has now proven, our DNA, shown on this page in the familiar double helix configuration, holds the genetic codes for your physical and emotional evolution. Still to be discovered by science is the fact that your DNA has a much greater purpose than simply being a blueprint for your body.

The Genome Project decoded approximately 3% of the total physical DNA. The remaining 97% was then termed "junk", inferring it has no purpose. The truth is that the human body is extremely efficient and anything that is of no use becomes atrophied and is evolved out of existence within a few generations.

If 97% of our DNA is junk, why do we still have it?

That so-called "junk DNA" in your body contains all your history since you first incarnated onto this planet, many lifetimes ago. It's where your Akashic record, the record of your Soul, resides. Our DNA has been called a living library because of the wealth of information stored on it.

"Hard to believe, but lurking in your DNA, those trillions of pieces of spiritual and biological energy in your body are many energies that are quantum. They're interdimensional attributes of biology clearly given to you by the Pleiadians over 50,000 years ago."

Kryon, September 26, 2008

There are ten additional strands of DNA, or five double helix strands, which were disconnected or de-activated eons ago. Science has yet to discover these strands, although they have seen the shadows of them on their electronic microscopes. They call them "shadow DNA".

With the 12 Strand DNA Activation, you have access to ten times the information available through your DNA. These additonal strands encompass the following areas of your life:

  • Connection to God/Spirit
  • Inner vision, receiving messages from spiritual guidance
  • Communication, both physical and spiritual
  • Love, both human and Divine
  • Physical body
  • Life force energy (Chi) and personal will

What makes The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation so unique?

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, as it was given to me by my spirit guides, is unlike any other on the planet. What makes it so different from all the other DNA activations?

  • It activates the 12 interdimensional layers of energy that surround the DNA, connecting you to the 12 dimensions that are accessible to us now at this point in our evolution.
  • You participate in the activation, experiencing the energy of it and making it more powerful. You'll be gently and carefully guided through the process by me and I'll be connected to your energetically to ensure that your activation is successful.
  • The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation utilizes color and sound. The vibrations of the sacred Solfeggio sounds open the receptors of your cells, allowing the activation to more easily be imprinted on the DNA. Sound sets the vibration of the body at the correct rate to receive the activation at each level. The energy vibration of colors adds to the power of this activation.

The benefits of this activation (the purple text is verbatim from my spirit guides) are:

  • Thirst for clean water. The activation creates new electromagnetic connections of higher vibration in your bod. Liquid is needed in order for them to work optimally. Your body will be working with a greater number of electromagnetic connections and needs to be properly hydrated to ensure clear, strong communication between you and your spirit guides.
  • Hunger for pure food. Your cravings for food will change to those that are more pure and have a greater nutritional content, such as organic and raw foods. This process will be effortless, almost seeming to be automatic.
  • Greater health. As you shift your eating and drinking habits to include healthier choices, your body will respond by having greater health. In addition, the vibration of your physical body will be of a higher frequency, making it incompatible with the vibration of illness.
  • Inner peace. This may be experienced as calmness, unwillingness to engage in drama - either from other people or within yourself, being more grounded and centered, emotional stability
  • Greater energy. The increased number of electromagnetic connections within your body will enhance the natural flow of energy throughout all your physical systems.
  • More clear connection to God/spiritual guidance. The activation of the 12 DNA strands is a reconnection to your true Divine Self.
  • Connection to all living things. This means ALL living things - plants, trees, animals, devas, nature spirits, Gaia.
  • Connection to other dimensions. You'll be able to connect more easily to higher dimensions for spiritual wisdom. You are a multidimensional being, residing in many dimensions other than this, the third dimension. What you call your Higher Self is often you, in another dimension.

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation is a powerful process that is similar to a guided visualization or meditation in which you serve as an active participant. It includes the activation of all 12 strands of your DNA, PLUS the activation of the 12 interdimensional layers that surround the DNA, PLUS your Akashic Record which resides on your DNA.

During the activation, you'll be guided by me as you:

  • connect with your Higher Self
  • enter your Sacred Heart Chamber and experience the wonderful energy within that special space
  • visualize the activation of all 12 strands of your DNA AND the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround the DNA strands
  • listen to the Sacred Solfeggio tones and feel the vibration of those sounds as they open you to a greater spiritual experience

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation mp3 Download includes

  • Pre-instructions
  • The guided visualization for the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy. It includes the sounds of the Sacred Solfeggio tones
  • Post-activation instructions and information

12 Strand DNA Activation


Compare the benefits and prices of the download and the CD

Read these instructions for preparation to insure that your Interdimensional 12 strand DNA activation will be most effective.

Should you repeat the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation? Read this for information about repeat DNA activations.

Once you've had the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, all vibrational healing will be more powerful and effective for you.

For more information about the de-activation of our DNA, consult these books:

The Lost Book of Enki by Zacheria Sitchen
Lifting the Veil - Kryon book 11 written by Lee Carroll
A New Dispensation - Kryon book 10 written by Lee Carroll
The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow
Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak
Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak
Earth by Barbara Marciniak
Path of Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak

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