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Your Chakras are more than whirlygigs of energy located in certain areas of your body. They serve a very great purpose... one which has many uses to assist you in creating your best life.

Manifesting Through the Chakras takes you beyond visualizations, affirmations, and other such manifesting techniques. Now you can utilize the sending and receiving capabilities of your Chakras and add their powerful energy to your manifesting.

This class takes you from the Crown Chakra, where you receive your first spark of inspiration, through each of the unique energies and purposes of each Chakra to the Root Chakra, where you experience the final "birthing" of your manifestation into reality.

In this online class you'll learn:

  • a much greater purpose for Chakras
  • why it's not always desirable to have your Chakras wide open
  • the seven steps of manifesting and the use of Chakras in each of them
  • how to open and close your Chakras and even change the direction of their spin
  • how to use your Solar Plexus Chakra for protection from harmful energies
  • about the power of using a symbol for what you want to manifest
  • which Chakra might be best as a beginning point for you
  • when to return to a specific Chakra for additional manifesting
  • and of course, how to use all of the Chakras to manifest what you want

Each of the Chakras has its own section which includes a guided meditation in mp3 format as well as the written transcript to assist you in using your Chakras for manifesting. The audio version of the meditation includes Sacred Solfeggio tones to enhance your manifesting experience.

Discover how you can use your Chakras to power up your manifesting and get ready to receive your highest and best of your desires.


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