I had wondered how I would ever learn Tarot's symbols and meanings. Reading Tarot intuitively was a blessing.

T. Timm
Seattle, WA

It's time
for you to reconnect to the Divine Being you truly are.

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation


Excellent clarification of all methods and levels.

C. White
Port Hadlock, WA

The Next Step
in Your Spiritual Evolution


This was an amazing class! It opened up the Tarot, a whole new way for me. It is like a light has opened up in my consciousness.

K. Hartnett
Tacoma, WA

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Intuitive Tarot: The Online Course

No one knows exactly how ancient the Tarot is or where it began. Evidence has proven that it was used in ancient Egyptian times. It's also connected to the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

One thing is known for certain: it's a powerful method for connecting to sources of Higher Wisdom. The depth of knowledge you can obtain about situations, events, and experiences in your life is unlimited with the use of the Tarot. A complete Tarot reading can give you insight into such things as :

  • how your thoughts are contributing to the situation... or even creating it
  • underlying causes, often including past lifetimes
  • the probable near future
  • influences that are passing out of the picture their part in the situation
  • your hopes and fears and how they're affecting the situation
  • a person near you who is influencing the issue and how they're doing it
  • the outcome and how you can change it if you wish

For years I've been teaching classes in Tarot so others could learn how to read the Tarot for themselves, their friends, and their clients. The method I use to teach my students has resulted in all of them becoming adept Tarot card readers within a matter of a very few hours.

More importantly, they learned to trust their intuition and spiritual guidance as they practiced interpreting the cards using my methods. Whole new worlds of valuable information opened up to them.

Now this class is available to you online! I've taken all the teachings from my Tarot classes and created an online course so you can learn to read the Tarot without having to travel to one of my classes. Learn the Tarot at your leisure... at home... at your pace... in your sweats or PJs!

The simple but effective methods from my classes are included in this course so you can quickly and easily learn to interpret the Tarot. In fact, you'll be doing an intuitive Tarot reading within shortly after beginning the course.

During this course you'll learn:

  • important things to know before you buy a Tarot deck
  • how to get a better, more clear reading by asking the right question
  • three quick spreads for amazingly in-depth readings
  • about the Minor Arcana - the suits, the people, and the numbers
  • how each position of a card in a spread or layout relates to and enhances the meaning of the card
  • the energy of numbers - going beyond traditional numerology for greater understanding of the meaning of the numbers
  • how the Major Arcana illustrates the Journey of the Soul
  • the three levels of the Major Arcana
  • a simple formula for the interpretation of each card in a spread
  • the importance of the only card numbered 0
  • what the Death card really means

During these stressful times, wouldn't it be a relief to have wisdom beyond what is available to you in your day-to-day life? The Intuitive Tarot online course gives you the advantage of having instant access to that Higher Wisdom.

I have never really been able to trust myself and open to my powers and this helped me wonders! Thank you! ~ A. Cranmer
Seattle, WA

It was empowering to realize that we can interpret the cards as WE felt them, not as a manual instructed. ~ B. Snyder
Tacoma, WA

Begin your journey to Higher Wisdom with the Tarot


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