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The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation



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A Magical Mystical Book
Volume 2: Spiritual Communication

The Magical Mystical series was originally in-person classes and workshops that were co-created with my spirit guides as an introduction for people who want to begin their exploration of the many paths of metaphysical, psychic, and spiritual awareness.

Now you can enjoy learning about your magical, mystical world at home or anywhere with the convenience of this series of Kindle ebooks.

In this second volume of Magical Mystical ebooks you'll learn about spiritual communication - the many ways in which you're constantly given guidance by all types and kinds of spirit guides - your Angels, Higher Self, Animal Messengers, your very own Mystical Mentors, and more. Discover how to go beyond yes/no answers with a pendulum. And begin channeling with a special process developed by me in cooperation with my spirit guides!

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • what VAKO Spiritual Communication is and how to use it for easy and clear interpretation of spiritual messages
  • the Art and Science of Channeling
  • to ask a better question in order to get a better answer
  • an easy method for channeled writing
  • how to communicate with your Magical Mentors
  • about selecting, calibrating, and using a pendulum
  • how to go beyond Yes/No with your pendulum
  • how to recognize Animal Messengers and decode their messages
  • empowered and clear interpretation of your dreams

Enjoy it now!

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