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Omnidimensional Oracles


For eons, our progressive growth and development has brought us toward our current higher frequential existence. It is this that we've been working for our entire existence. And there's greatness more to come.

Since the Harmonic Convergence, the energies in and around our planet have been shifting and changing in order to support us in completing the challenge we accepted eons ago - that of raising our frequential vibration.

Now it's time to take the next vitally necessary step of empowerment.

Now is the time to use your own power to raise your frequential vibration. As you do so, you also raise the vibration of all on Planet Earth and the vibration of the planet itself.

Now we are ready for the knowledge contained within these evolutionary Oracles and the symbols of energy that accompany them.

This collection of Oracles was given to us specifically to aid, support, and assist us in our endeavor to evolve to even higher frequential vibration.

About the Symbols

Symbols give structure, meaning, and purpose to the intelligent energy of which all in our world is composed. They bring abstract concepts into our physical world of the Third Dimension and make them substantial so that we can understand them. They bring the invisible energy of our thoughts out into our world and make them visible, tangible.

Of all the beings on our planet, in our dimension, only humans have symbols. All other beings in our here and now have languages by which they communicate using sound and their physical body. It's only humans who have written or drawn symbols which we use for communicating our thoughts to each other.

These Omnidimensional Oracle symbols have been created in partnership with the Omnidimensional Beings and myself to communicate specific energies of conceptual systems of belief by which we humans operate in our world. The written messages that accompany each of the symbols describe their energy, their relationship to our Third Dimensional reality, and how they may be used for the higher purpose of raising frequential vibration of each person and subsequently, that of the collective of humanity.

Each symbol holds the specific energy of each Oracle. Meditation or contemplation of the symbol offers more valuable information on different levels. Which level is dependent upon the nature of the query at the time.

About the Omnidimensional Beings

When I first began receiving the knowledge and the wisdom from the Omnidimensionals, I asked them who they were. They said only that they are of many dimensions, which I interpreted to mean "multidimensional". They corrected me and said they are not of many dimensions, but of all dimensions. Omnidimensional. They are not of one planet or one world. Rather they are a conglomerate of many beings of a multitude of dimensions and realities.

The energy of the Omnidimensional Beings is extremely high in vibration and very pure. The information they share with me is straight to the point and clearly defined. They are factual, often including in their messages historical as well as future (for us) information.

They have no hierarchy. When I connect with them I am always given a being who is perfect for the subject at hand. Each has expertise in their own specialty - mathematics, geometry, the nature of time, frequencies and vibration, and more. Each being has energy different from the others - energy which I can sense as they communicate with me.

They share some amazing information with me. I'm always surprised and delighted at what they have to say. Often it's about things of which I have no knowledge. When this occurs, I'll research it and discover that, yes indeed, what they said actually is of something real in our world.

A Message from the Omnidimensional Beings

Symbols are greater than what you currently deem them to be. They are powerful beyond your current understanding of them. Their power lies in this one concept:

Symbols hold the energy of the structure of your world and how it works.

The symbols contained within the pages of this book hold the foundational energy that is the basis of all that exists within all worlds. When used with proper intent, the true purpose and power of these symbols is revealed. They then become oracles of great knowledge and wisdom.

About the book

Simple in form yet powerful in use, the 66 symbols in the book are an introduction to unlocking the secrets of our world. The information contained within the description of each symbol can take you from the very beginning stages of understanding Universal concepts to the greater utilization of them in our world. No matter what your level of experience and knowledge, these oracular symbols are of valuable aid in understanding how to facilitate improvement in the quality of life. All will benefit from a consultation with these symbols.

They may be used singularly as daily guidance or in multiples for more complete information and guidance regarding a specific issue or subject. A Playsheet with a suggested layout for use with multiple Oracles is included, along with instructions regarding the defined intent of each position and methods for selecting the Oracles. A link to a printable version of the Oracle layout is provided.

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