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Intuitive Tarot: The Key that Unlocks Your Inner Wisdom

Almost every class, workshop, and course on learning how to read the Tarot uses a system that requires memorizing all 78 Tarot cards and their meanings. Most of these teachings suggest you spend an hour or two meditating on one card per day until you've gone through the entire deck.

The problem with this method is that most people will have forgotten the meaning of most of the cards by the time they get to the last one.

Even the books and booklets that accompany Tarot decks give time-consuming, tedious methods for learning the Tarot. Most recommend that you go through the deck one card at a time, in sequence, and memorize the written interpretation in the instruction book. Using this method, at one card per day it'll take you 2 1/2 months to complete the entire deck.

If you've ever tried to learn the Tarot using any - or all - of these methods, you'll be jumping-up-and-down happy to learn that you won't have to do that with my method in this ebook.

In this ebook I endeavor to make the learning of Tarot as simple as possible for you so that you can begin enjoying this spiritual art within minutes, not months.

As you continue your practice of Tarot, your understanding of it will naturally become deeper and more complex. Youíll enjoy realizing finer nuances and more intricate connections between the cards as you continue in your use of them.

The methods I've used throughout the years in my many readings are the same methods Iíve taught in my classes. This has resulted in all of my students becoming adept Tarot card readers within a matter of hours instead of within months as with the traditional learning methods.

As a bonus, they quickly learned to trust their intuition during the practice of interpreting the cards. Using my methods enhanced their connection to their spiritual guidance.

A sample of the subjects covered include:

  • important things to know before you buy a Tarot deck
  • how to get a better, more clear reading by asking the right question
  • three quick spreads for amazingly in-depth readings
  • about the Minor Arcana - the suits, the people, and the numbers
  • how each position of a card in a spread or layout relates to and enhances the meaning of the card
  • the energy of numbers - going beyond traditional numerology for greater understanding of the meaning of the numbers
  • how the Major Arcana illustrates the Journey of the Soul
  • the three levels of the Major Arcana
  • a simple formula for the interpretation of each card in a spread
  • the importance of the only card numbered 0
  • what the Death card really means

The simple but effective methods in this ebook are for your ease in quickly learning the Tarot. Everything I taught in my classes, and more, is in this Kindle ebook. What you'll learn using your intuition is so easy, you'll be able to do accurate and insightful Tarot readings in a matter of minutes.

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