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Wisdom of Warrior Priestess: Volume I

The work of a priestess is to receive wisdom from Higher Sources interpret the information. She must then translate the messages into language that can be understood by the masses.

For many years, it has been my responsibility, my honor, and my privilege as Warrior Priestess Magdalene to interpret and share the messages I've received from my Sources of Higher Wisdom. This is the first of several ebooks in which I share with you the tidbits of wisdom my spiritual guides have given me. All are intended to ease your journey this life walk.

The experiences you have serve one purpose: to offer you knowledge with which you can improve your life and raise your vibration. The messages in this ebook, and those books that follow, will assist you in gleaning the knowledge and wisdom you desire.

Here's a sample of the wisdom you'll find inside this ebook:

  • What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?
  • Sensing the Vibrations of Energy
  • The Energy of Numbers - Part 1
  • The Energy of Numbers - Part 2
  • Anger: The Greatest Motivator of All
  • Fear and Control
  • Wisdom from the Chipmunk
  • Astrology and DNA
  • The Dynamic Energy of Communication
  • The Fine Art of Delegation: Part 1
  • The Fine Art of Delegation: Part II
  • Your Body, the Living Battery
  • ADD/ADHD: The Next Evolution of Humans
  • DNA and Sugar

Enjoy it now!

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