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The Energy of Love is a new energy that has been coming onto our planet only in recent years... and it's not what you think.

This energy is the source of all creation.

Not to be confused with the emotion we call love, the Energy of Love includes the emotion and yet is so much more. A forest is a beautiful thing and yet it is not the entire planet. Just so is the emotion of love a beautiful thing and yet it is not the entirety of the Energy of Love.

Years ago I was downloaded information about the Energy of Love and was given a brief introduction to this energy. Of seemingly great importance is the color of this energy. It's the orange-red color of bricks or red dirt, such as that found in many places on our Earth. The color is dense, barely semitransparent. The glow in the above image is fairly close to the vision I was given.

Evidently it's time to share the information about this energy because recently I was given more details about the Energy of Love.

How is the Energy of Love sent to our planet?

The Energy of Love comes to us directly from Source through our sun. It gently and constantly radiates the Energy of Love toward us. Without this bath of the Energy of Love from the sun we wouldn't have any of the beauty of all the living things we treasure in our 3D reality. Nor would we have life itself.

When there are solar flares the Energy of Love is sent to us in intense spurts. It's banked or stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth. At specific times and as we need it, this energy is released during Earth shifts, or earthquakes as we call them. This release of the Energy of Love from its depositories is instigated by either the collective consciousness of humanity or by Gaia, the sentient energy of Earth. On occasion it may be released when Source deems it necessary.

Those who are sensitive to energies can and will sense the intensified Energy of Love where it is stored under the surface of the planet. Some of these areas are called "sacred" by those who sense and recognize the energy as being of the highest vibration or frequency.

How you can access the Energy of Love

Included along with the additional information I was recently given about the Energy of Love was a method by which anyone might access the this energy in any of the many repositories under the surface of our planet. It's a delightful guided meditation or visualization, during which you connect to one of the stores of the Energy of Love and fill your being with it.

Because we need more of the Energy of Love on our Earth now, I'm gifting the guided meditation to those who are drawn to experience it... so they might fill their being with the Energy of Love and radiate it to everyone and everything.

Just click on this link and you'll be able to instantly download the mp3 version of this meditation. You may wish to bookmark it or save the mp3 file on your computer so you can return to it when ever you wish.

If for some reason you're unable to access the mp3 download, here is a link to the text version of this meditation. Please print and share it with others you know who would be receptive to this energy.

Energy of Love - Word format

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