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"A few days after the cure was completed, we are now sleeping better and not waking up at 3am anymore!"

Bob G.

Geopathic Stress


Feeling tired? Anxious? Stressed?

Maybe it's not you. Maybe it's your house.

You may have Geopathic Stress lines and knots in your home, creating negatively-charged energy to flow through your house.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress consists of lines of energy in an otherwise smooth field of energy which is naturally occuring and is emitted by the earth. Typically these lines run North-South and East-West, but their direction can be altered by naural and manufactured obstacles on the surface of the Earth.

How Geopathic Stress Can Affect Your Health and Wellbeing

Geopathic stress lines cause energy imbalance in humans, animals, vegetation, and all living things by disrupting the natural flow of energy within them. The immediate effects of geopathic stress on people can appear as many symptoms including tiredness, anxiety, and depression to name just a few. Over time the effect becomes more serious and has been acknowledged as a contributing cause of cancer, heart attacks, Fibromyalgia, and other life-threatening diseases.

The effects are most critical when geopathic stress lines intersect the bed. If you're like most people you're quite active and move around during the day - around your home, running errands, and going to and from work. At night, however, it's a different story. You spend an average of 8 hours in the same spot.

If you have a geopathic stress line running through your bed,
it's disrupting the natural flow of energy in your body all night long.

My personal experience with a geopathic stress line running through my bed demonstrates how these lines can quickly have a detrimental affect. My husband and I had moved into a new home and within a few days I noticed that I was waking up very angry. There was no discernable reason for my anger; I loved the house, my husband and I were enjoying each other tremendously, I was not having nightmares, and my business was going well. I performed the geopathic stress cure and discovered a line running right along my side of the bed. The day after I did the geopathic stress cure around our house, I felt great as I awakened - the anger was gone! I shudder to think what might have happened if I hadn't cured the geopathic stress as soon as I did.

Clients for whom I've performed the Geopathic Stress Cure report these immediate results:

  • they sleep better.
  • they have more energy.
  • anxiety and other stress-related emotions are relieved.
  • they can think more clearly and are more focused.
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Geopathic Stress at Work and in Businesses

If you work at a job where you spend a considerable amount of time in one spot, any geopathic stress lines that may be in your area are just as critical as those in the area of your bed.

Geopathic stress lines in a business, such as a retail store or office, affects not only the people who work there but also the customers and clients. Although most people aren't consciously aware of the energy of the geopathic stress lines, they still sense it and react to it. They avoid those areas where the stress lines exist or may become anxious, angry, nervous, or irritable when they spend any time in those areas.

Animals and Geopathic Stress

All animals are affected by geopathic stress, but the effect on pets and tame animals is even more intense. They often don't have a choice of where they sleep or spend most of their time.

  • Horses that live in stables often spend up to 20 hours a day in a stall, only being let out for exercise or training.
  • Caged birds have no choice in the location of their cage or coop.
  • Dogs may often spend much of their day in a small, fenced dog run or pen.

Any of these locations may have geopathic stress lines running through them that can adversely affect the health of the animal.

Geopathic stress affects the health of animals just as it does that of humans.

The Effects of Geopathic Stress on Plants

You may have seen a row of shrubs or trees, all healthy and vibrant with the exception of one that appears to be deformed or perhaps is dying. This is a huge clue that a geopathic stress line is present, running directly through the unhealthy plant.

If you've ever had a place in your yard or garden where nothing grew, no doubt it was the location of a geopathic stress line.

Geopathic stress affects all living things, including plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers... everything.

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What causes Geopathic Stress?

An electromagnetic field of naturally occuring energy lies on the surface of our planet. This energy is emitted by the earth and in its original state is quite harmless. Because this energy is in the broad form of a field and isn't a tightly composed meridian or line, it is malleable and subject to being shaped and changed from a benign field to a more potent and potentially harmful line of energy.

If our planet were as smooth as a marble there would be nothing to disturb this field of energy. However, that's not reality. The earth has a multitude of natural and manufactured objects that disrupt the natural form of this enegy field and create lines of energy called "geopathic stress."

Examples of natural breaks on our planet's surface that cause geopathic stress lines are:

  • cliffs
  • ravines
  • embankments
  • streams - both underground and above ground
  • geological faults

Examples of manufactured breaks are:

  • fences
  • property lines
  • walls of buildings
  • ridge lines on roofs
  • electrical, phone, and cable lines - both underground and above ground

The Geopathic Stress Cure

The cure is simple and can be performed usually in less than an hour.

The process or curing geopathic stress consists of two simple steps:

1. Locating the geopathic stress lines.
Grounding them so they no longer penetrate your home, place of business, garden, or any place that you want to have clean, healthy energy.

Who can perform the Geopathic Stress Cure?

Anyone can perform the geopathic stress cure. It requires no special talent and no expensive education. You don't need to be psychic, have dowsing talent, or be a Feng Shui expert. The process is simple and the instructions are easy to understand.

Get The Cure for Geopathic Stress NOW!

How often should you perform the Geopathic Stress Cure? If the Geopathic Stress Cure has never been performed on your home or place of business, then it should be performed immediately.

Thereafter, any time you or your neighbors add or change any structure, check for new stress lines. New fences, decks, patios, outbuildings, gardens, and lot line adjustments are a few indications that it would be a good idea for you to check for any newly created geopathic stress lines. Whenever you do anything to disturb the naturally smooth energy field covering the surface of the earth you chould check for new geopathic stress lines.

Recently we added a wall to our house and when I checked to see if we had also added any geopathic stress lines, I discovered two new lines. They weren't caused by the wall, however. To my surprise the newly installed hot tub had created them!

New stress lines may occur as a result of natural causes such as:

  • earthquakes that may create new fault lines or shifts in the surface of the earth.
  • flooding that changes the formations of the ground surface
  • hurricanes and tornados that move or eliminate buildings and other structures

The Geopathic Stress Cure

It's easy and simple to cure geopathic stress. Anyone can do it.

After performing many Geopathic Stress Cures and teaching people how easily they can do it themselves, I've decided to share this important information with everyone. Up 'til now I've only been able to teach the Geopathic Stress Cure to those who attended my classes.

I've created step-by-step instructions for performing the Geopathic Stress Cure so that even more people can enjoy clean, healthy energy where they and their loved ones live and work. The instructions include:

  • how to make your own dowsing rods easily and inexpensively
  • the method for detecting Geopathic Stress lines
  • the quick and easy method for grounding Geopathic Stress before it enters your home or business
  • what to do in unusual circumstances

Geopathic Stress Cure Instructions
Complete step-by-step and easy to understand instructions including illustrations.

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