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Life Coaching with Tarot

Unlock your inner knowledge using the Tarot, an ancient and time-honored tool used for the purpose of obtaining Higher Wisdom. The Tarot has been used for centuries by people to gain deeper knowledge about the issues and challenges that were facing them. With the knowledge they gained from the Tarot, they had new-found options from which they could choose in order to improve their lives.

The benefits of using Tarot with Life Coaching include:

  • getting faster results
  • discerning your best choices more easily
  • acquiring more complete knowledge about your challenges
  • opening to a wider range of opportunities available to you
  • having more fun in coaching and in life
  • enhancing your inner wisdom
  • opening your creative channel
  • extending your array of choices

How do the Coaching with Tarot sessions work?

After our initial conversation, I'll use spiritual guidance to select a Tarot deck from the array of over 50 decks in my Crystal Room. This deck will be designated by spiritual guides - yours and mine - especially for use during our session. Each session and each issue has it's own special energy and the Tarot deck we use in subsequent sessions may be different each time.

In order to receive the greatest amount of relevant and helpful information, at the beginning of each session I'll help you craft the question you'll ask. How you ask for guidance is very important. It's well known that if you want a better answer, you must first ask a better question.

As you focus on the issue on which you'd like coaching, I shuffle the deck until the energy of your question has been infused into the deck.

During the session, whether in person or over the phone, I'll share with you the symbolism I'm guided to notice on each card and the meaning as it's given me by spiritual guidance.

After we've gleaned the Higher Wisdom from the cards, you'll be able to apply it to the choices that are available to you. From there, you can discern the most beneficial and appropriate steps of action for you.

Armed with this Higher Wisdom, your coaching and your life will evolve at a more rapid rate and will have deeper meaning for you. You'll achieve greater results more quickly.

How does Life Coaching with Tarot differ from a regular Tarot reading?

During a typical Tarot reading, the reader focuses mainly on giving you the interpreted meaning of the cards. Usually, there is little opporunity for you to ask questions or give feedback. Life Coaching with Tarot encourages you to participate in the experience so that you may gain optimum knowledge about your issue.

Your feedback, questions, and comments are encouraged during the session. Your intuition is honored. This is a co-creative event and all who participate - you, me, and our spirit guides - are equally important in obtaining the best information and greatest knowledge for you to use for the purpose of bettering your life.

All sessions are conducted in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. They're held in the Crystal Room, a space filled with the clear, high vibration of many beautiful crystals to enhance the connection to our spiritual guidance. Each session is one hour.

Life Coaching with Tarot session

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