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November 15 , 2015
Vol.#12 Issue#16


12 Strand DNA Activation


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Akashic Wisdom Retrieval

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When in Doubt

If you're human and walking on this planet, you've experienced doubt many times. It's part of the free will that we've been allowed. And it has a greater purpose than to just frustrate and confuse you.

It can be often difficult to recognize doubt. Like fear, it can have many different faces. Sometimes doubt appears to you as your inner voice speaking of reasons why not to do something you've been planning. Sometimes it comes as a feeling in your gut, a sinking feeling. Sometimes it feels as if every cell in your body is resisting that thing you've been planning.

The purpose of doubt is to slow you down - even stop you - so that you can fully investigate the choices you're being confronted with. Only by doing so can do what you need so you can choose best. And the best thing you can do is to stop.

When you feel doubt in whatever form it's taking for you, it's time for you to come to a complete stop in your forward-moving actions. It's time to look at the evidence surrounding the doubt. Things to research, discover, and muse upon may include:

  • What specific part or parts of the action do you find you're resisting?
  • Has something similar occurred in your past? If so, what about that incident produced undesirable results?
  • If this is a brand new experience with no similarities to any in your past, what exactly is the newness that you're resisting?

If you discover that this is a repeat performance in some way with another action you took that served you up with less than desired results, then there's a good reason why it's coming up for you again. You obviously didn't learn what the experience had to offer you the first go-round. Or maybe during the last several go-rounds.

And now you're being given the opportunity to delve into the proposed action, to research exactly what you are to learn from it. When you uncover the learning you might glean from this action, then you have the information you need with which to make better choices. Making the proper choices rewards you with the greatest gift of all - wisdom to take the correct action.

The bottom line is, when in doubt... don't.

Don't jump into action. Don't make a choice or a decision. Not until your doubt is dissolved by adequate and thorough study and research to determine the right action or actions.

Then, and only then, is the right time to spring into action.


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Symbol of the Month


From the book Zibu, The Power of Angelic Symbology by Debbie Z.

Follow the energy of this symbol, either with your eyes or by drawing it with pen or color crayon on paper.

Although there are no directions on where to start, I like to take a few moments to connect with the energy. As I do so, I sense a starting point for the energy and follow it as it flows around. I sense that each downward stroke is connecting me to the physical 3D world and the upward strokes are a visit to the spiritual realms. The circling movements I sense as the swirling of energies of both spiritual and physical blend so I can understand the higher wisdom received in meditation with this symbol.

Suggested uses:

  • Draw the symbol over your heart or appropriate part of your body with a pen, body paints, or henna tattoo.
  • Using a colored felt pen or paint, draw the symbol on paper and hang it on your wall in an area of your home where you meditate and could use the energy of the symbol
  • Place the image on your Treasure Map to help you awaken to your highest potential.

I invite you to play with this beautiful symbol and discover what it has to offer you.

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