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Personal Consultations with the
Omnidimensional Beings

Universal Knowledge and Practical Wisdom for Your Evolution

The Omnidimensional Beings are bringing unlimited knowledge and wisdom of the Universe to those who are ready for their next level of human evolution. The Omnis, as I fondly call them, share with us wisdom that's unique in perspective and vast in overview, spanning a multitude of dimensions, time, and space.

The Omnis share information from their Universal perspective to illuminate your path and get you moving in the correct direction for your optimum spiritual and human evolution. The knowledge they share gives you in-depth information about your issue or challenge, making it easier for you to make the correct choices in your life.

Their insight brings you to a new and greater level of awareness regarding the subject you with to have assistance with. With their shared wisdom, new options and potentials appear to you, giving rise to your awareness of better solutions to the challenges you're facing.

Each Omnidimensional consultation is a connection to specific beings who are the most appropriate ones for the issue at hand. The number of Omnidimensional Beings is so vast as to be nearly uncountable. Therefore, there is a great multitude from which the beings with the most appropriate knowledge and wisdom come forth.

They share with you the most effectively beneficial information that is of the utmost value to you... knowledge that's most relevant to you now. You are assured of being given the most valuable communication for the purpose at hand.

About the Omnidimensional Beings

When I first began receiving the knowledge and the wisdom from the Omnis, I asked them who they were. They said only that they are of many dimensions, which I interpreted to mean "multidimensional". They corrected me and said they are not of many dimensions, but of all dimensions. Omnidimensional. They are not of one planet, one dimensions, or one world. Rather they are a conglomerate of many beings from within a multitude of all dimensions and realities.

I find the energy of the Omnis to be extremely high in vibration and very pure. The Omnidimensionals who connect with me are always of the most Divine Light. The information they share with me is straight to the point and clearly defined. They are factual, often including in their messages historical as well as future (for us) information.

They have no hierarchy. When I connect with them I am always connected with the one who is perfect for the subject at hand. There is a noticeable difference in energies from one being to another.

Preparing for the Consultation

You may request that the Omnis give you information about a specific subject or issue. Examples are:

  • What is my Life Purpose?
  • What is my Soul Contract with this person?
  • How might I access other dimensions?
  • What is the highest purpose of the challenge I'm currently experiencing?
  • How can I heal this health challenge?
  • What are the hidden beliefs that are blocking my progress?
  • What needs to be complete before I can move forward?

Or you may request a general reading, one that is pertinent to you and your life now. In this case, I suggest stating your request in wording similar to "Tell me what I need to know."

You may wish to have ample paper and writing instruments with which to take notes, since these readings are not recorded and there is much information that is shared by the Omnis. They explain:

"Information in the form of very high frequencial energy comes through at the time of our connection. It is energy that cannot be transmitted to a recording device. This energy is a vital part of the communication for you and contains important information that may not be recognized by you during the reading. It will be assimilated and understood by you at the appropriate time. Much of it is encoded to be released at a specific occurrence, which is manifested by you and experienced as an increase in the frequency of your own personal energy. As you raise your vibration, the portion of the communication given you during our consultation will be released for you to use as you continue in your spiritual and energetic evolution."

Your Omnidimensional Oracle Symbol

At the closing of your session, an Omnidimensional Oracle symbol will be selected for your use in continuance of the revealed wisdom and knowledge given you by the Omnis. It is a valuable aid in understanding how to facilitate improvement in your quality of life. The information contained within the energy of the symbol can take you from the very beginning stages of understanding to the greater utilization of that energy regarding the subject of your session.

Symbols are far greater than what they are currently deemed to be. They are powerful beyond the current understanding of them. Their power lies in this one concept:

Symbols hold the energy of truth
about the structure of your world
and how it works.

The selected symbol and the interpretation of it, as has been given me by the Omnis, will be emailed to you directly after your consultation.

About the Session

Consultations are one hour, plus or minus a few minutes. They may be via phone or transcription.

Payment is via PayPal, which also utilizes credit and debit cards. Because communication before the consultation is by email, please be certain your email address in your PayPal account is accurate and current.

By phone:
When I receive notification from PayPal of your purchase, I'll contact you by email to set an appointment for our session. At the appointed time you call me at the number within the email message.

By Transcription:
Please note that the difference in time zones can make a phone consultation impractical or impossible. In this case you may email me with information about what you would like the Omnis to focus on. I will then connect with them and transcribe what they communicate. The information within the consultation will then be emailed to you in its entirety, along with the Omnidimensional Oracle symbol.


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