"Taking this inner journey workshop was like entering a sacred portal. I felt you were there to guide me, but not force me. To show me the path, but let me find my own way to the destination.

Thank you for your support and commitment to me in pursuing my own inner journey."

Joyce G.
Former Director of Development,
Direct Relief International


It's time
for you to reconnect to the Divine Being you truly are.

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation



The Next Step
in Your Spiritual Evolution



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You are here, now, reading this because you are searching
for something that's missing from your life...

Something very important...

You may think or feel that the missing ingredient in your life is joy, excitement, success, direction, focus, or ____________ (fill in the blank with your missing ingredient.)

What I find to be true in my work is that the ingredient people are really missing is the true Purpose for their life.

If you're not living your Life Purpose you'll be feeling nudges of uncomfortableness in some form. This can feel like:

  • boredom
  • stagnation
  • dissatisfaction
  • being stifled
  • frustration
  • being in the wrong place
  • being with the wrong people
  • general gritchiness

These nudges are messages from your Soul that it's time for you to get you back on your path to fulfilling your Life Purpose. Well, here's some good news:

You already know what your Life Purpose is!!

Your Life Purpose is the important, meaningful work you chose to do and how you desire to be of service to others.

Before you were birthed onto this planet this lifetime, you set up Soul Contracts, one of which was what you agreed your Life Purpose would be. During your life, your Purpose has become covered up with messages from parents, teachers, family, friends, and others, about who and what you should be. Although these messages may have been coming from the best of intentions and directed you to doing work that is honorable and of service to others, if you're not experiencing soul deep satisfaction when you do it, it's not your Life Purpose.

When you begin to live your Life Purpose, you feel excitement, joy, and passion about your life and the work you're doing. You can't wait to get up in the morning to being doing your work. These high emotions are the guiding messages from your Soul that you're fulfilling your Soul Contract and are living your Life Purpose.

Knowing that you would not remember your Life Purpose in the transition of birth, you cleverly set up clues you could find this lifetime to guide you to the treasure of your Life Purpose. These clues take many forms and you'll be surprised at how many of them surround you every day.

An Inner Journey is a spiritual, self growth workshop that was co-created with Divine Guidance. It will help you identify the clues you set up before you were birthed on this planet to guide you to the treasure of your Life Purpose. During An Inner Journey you'll use processes and exercises especially designed to assist you in recognizing these clues.

The workshop consists of 12 modules. They are sequential and each one builds upon the one before it. The workbook is included. A sampling of what is included in the journey:

Discover the clues that will lead you to your Life Purpose
Create your Fabulous Career

Identify what motivates you and how to consciously use your motivators
Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Align your motivators with your life values and clear your pathway
Identify the 3 levels of support people give you (and when to use each level)
Use your Dream Team to access your Higher Wisdom

Learn the 4 guidelines for creating affirmations that really work

Turn your fears into your support system
Identify your energy leaks and plug them!
Discern hidden conflicts within yourself that stop you from moving ahead
Learn the words the give you the power of choice
Raise positive energy and reduce negative energy - in yourself and others
Learn the 2 types of stress and which one is most dangerous
Set up your Personal Pampering System

An Inner Journey spiritual workshop is offered in the following formats:

  • An Intensive - a two day private workshop with 12 weeks of follow-up life coaching
  • A Workshop - six weekly two hour sessions
  • A Tele-workshop - twelve weekly sessions with one follow-up Spiritual Coaching session

Are you ready to begin living your Life Purpose
and to feel that inner sense of satisfaction that is soul deep?

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