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October 15, 2016
Vol.#1 Issue#10



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12 Strand DNA Activation


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Appreciation and Gratitude

According to Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks,there are only two emotions. One feels bad and one feels good.

We call them by many different names depending upon the degree to which we feel them, but it all comes down to this one simple piece of wisdom: either you feel love or you feel fear.

There is much fear on our planet now and the causes are many. Fear is actually necessary to us, albeit uncomfortable. It serves the important purpose of bringing to our awareness that which needs to be corrected, to be made better and healed, or to be cleansed from existence. The problem is that too often fear stops movement and thus halts improvements that might be made to whatever caused the fear.

When you feel fear to any degree and in any of its forms, all of your brain activity instantly is transferred to what's known as The Reptilian Brain. This is the home of the Fight or Flight Response. When you feel fear, that's all you can think of - running from the fearsome thing or fighting it.

There are better solutions than fighting or running away, but until you can bring your brain activity out of The Reptilian Brain you won't find them. There is a simple method for shifting out of fear instantly, however. It's called Appreciation and Gratitude.

Using these two simple, quick steps you can instantly go from fear to love.

1. Whenever you feel fear of any sort, do this: look around you for something you appreciate. Anything. It can be a picture you appreciate because of its beauty, your clothes that you appreciate because they keep you warm, a tree you appreciate because it gives you shade. Anything.

2. Next, feel the gratitude you have toward this thing that is in your life. You may even wish to state silently or aloud your gratitude, as in, "I am so grateful for the beauty of that picture and the enjoyment it brings me as I gaze at it."

Here's how this brings you to love: Fear has the very lowest vibration of all the emotions humans can feel, which is why feeling it for extended periods of time tends to create disease within the human body. Love has the highest vibration of all the degrees of emotions you feel. Gratitude is right next to love in frequency. So it's one easy, small step to slide from feeling gratitude into feeling love as you're focusing your awareness on something you appreciate and are grateful for.

Now you can use your brain to create solutions to correct that fearsome thing.


ps. I appreciate you and am grateful for you.

An Inner Journey:
Living Your Life Purpose

You were born into this world with a purpose.

You have important work to do - work that only you can do - in order to be of the greatest good and highest service.

This work is your Life Purpose.

If you're not living your Life Purpose you know what it feels like. You go through your days feeling bored, stifled, stagnated, anxious, stuck, resentful, or just plain gritchy. You know with all your heart that there's something very important missing from it. You feel like there has to be more to life. And you're right.

What's missing is your Life Purpose - the soul-satisfying work of your destiny.

An Inner Journey leads you to that destiny through these twelve major areas of your life:

  • Your Life Values
  • Personal Boundaries
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • Creating Your Plan
  • Success
  • Motivation and Manifesting
  • Your Personal Support System
  • Your Spiritual Support System
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Plugging Your Energy Leaks
  • Self Care
  • Rewards

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Mystical Winds Holistic Fair!

Here's what you'll find:

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I'll have the Omnidimensional Oracles book available for you to purchase, and I'll even personally autograph it for you. And I'll be doing readings with the Omnidimensional Oracles cards as well as specially selected Tarot.

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Saturday November 5, 2016 - 10:00 am to 5:00 PM
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Everett, WA 98201
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Omnidimensional Oracle: Upward

As a flower grows upward, reaching toward the sunlight, still it holds onto the ground with its roots.

All things living on the surface of your planet grow upward, toward the light. It is their inborn senses urging the self to seek that from which they came, or as you sometimes call it, "home".

It is the place where all is one, where there is true peace and genuine unconditional love prevails. None can be faulted for wishing and having the desire to be in such a place.

And yet there is something that holds you to this plane, this dimension, this physicality. Were it not so, none of the beauty, magic, and miracles you have created in and of your world would exist. It is a unique ability you humans have to live like the flower, growing toward the light, ever nearer, while still holding fast to the earthly plane.

Each time you extend your consciousness toward the light, like the flower you bring enrichment to the earth. Every connection with the spiritual realm that you experience raises your vibrational frequency.

As these experiences of higher vibrational consciousness continue to occur, your connection to the higher realms becomes more voluminous, allowing you to bring down to the third dimensional physicality even more light and greater quantities of higher vibrational energy.

Each time, every occurrence of your journey upward to the higher vibrational worlds allows you, on your return downward, to radiate higher frequential energy outward. By doing so you share this higher vibrational energy and thus raise the frequency of all around you.

Keywords: spiritual, higher vibration, radiating, Light, high frequential energies

Omnidimensional Oracles is now available
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