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December 1 , 2016
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Astrology and Your Core Life Values

Astrology is known by practically everyone nowdays. But core life values are not nearly as well known. You may even now be wondering, "What the heck are they?"

While there are other types of values, core life values are those that affect everything about you and your life. Everything that you think, feel, and do is filtered through your core life values. Everything. They define who you are and form the very foundation of your life. They reflect what is most important to you in every aspect of your life.

Although you may gather or adopt certain values throughout your life, your core life values are with you from birth. And they never change.

For years I've used core life values as powerful tools to discern the right choices for me. I've come to rely on them as guideposts that point me in the right direction on my life path. My coaching clients as well have learned what core life values are and how to use them to better their lives.

In all this time and experience with core life values I understood that they were with us from birth and they never changed. But I never understood how that happened. Until recently.

Suddenly it dawned on me one day that my core life values are the exact same as the sign in which my most important astrological influence, my sun, resides. The sun is known as having the most powerful influence on us of all the heavenly bodies. Its astrological influence governs how we are in the world - our outer persona.

Here's how astrology works: When we're birthed onto this planet, the energetic influences of the stars and planets is imprinted on our DNA. This imprinting becomes the code by which we live - our core life values.

Below is a brief list of the astrological signs and their energetic influence, followed by associated core life values. Notice how the values relate to the characteristics of your sun sign.

  • Aries: as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries natives are much like newborn babies in that their focus is on themselves. And like babies, they represent beginnings and have high energy. Values: Growth, power, vitality, focus, learning, recognition, acknowledgment
  • Taurus: known for their patience as well as their stubbornness, Taurus natives are also lovers of beauty and luxury. Values: Elegance, strength, beauty, safety, stability, nurturing
  • Gemini: ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, people with Gemini sun have quick and clever minds. They appreciate high intelligence in others. Values: creativity, wisdom, learning, knowledge, intelligence
  • Cancer: the symbol for this sign is the crab, representing the importance of home to those born with this sign. Values: nurturing, security, privacy, comfort, loyalty
  • Leo: like the lion that is the symbol for this sign, Leo natives love to be the leader, the one on whom all attention is focused. Any career that involves being on a stage is perfect for them. Values: fame, power, strength, vitality, recognition, leadership, acknowledgment
  • Virgo: people with a Virgo sun sign are typically focused on details and minutiae. Their highest goal in life is to be of service to others. Values: orderliness, contribution, accuracy, service, neatness, perfection
  • Libra: the symbol for Libra is the scales, representing the balancing of different things. Ruled by Venus, they are noted for being gentle, loving people. Values: beauty, equitability, wisdom, kindness, justice, clarity
  • Scorpio: this is the most passionate sign of the zodiac. It is also the only sign with two symbols. The scorpion represents the lower self and the sting that persona can deliver. The eagle represents the higher self, soaring to the highest levels of being. Values: power, vitality, adventure, risk, spirituality, freedom
  • Sagittarius: the symbol for this sign is the Centaur - half man and half horse. This represents their need for freedom and to express physical energy. The man holds a bow with the arrow nocked and ready to fly, representing the Sagittarius native's aim for the truth. Values: honesty, freedom, independence, directness, adventure, integrity, justice, honor
  • Capricorn: a very grounded sign, natives under Capricorn are focused on all things secure and stable. Their motivating force is financial security, and to that end they are geared to be hard workers. Values: security, stability, success, growth, safety, tradition, focus, strength
  • Aquarius: although the name leads one to believe this is a sign with water as its element, it is actually an air sign. Aquarius natives tend to live in the upper realms of thought and are idealistic, concerned with the larger picture. They tend to be detached from more grounded aspects of life. Values: creativity, wisdom, learning, excellence, knowledge, intelligence, freedom, independence, justice, communication
  • Pisces: like the symbol for this sign, Pisces, the fish, live in the flow of emotions, as represented by the element of water, making them often to be very dreamy and ungrounded. They are the most intuitive of all astrological signs, and as a result are very creative. Values: spirituality, curiosity, harmony, beauty, lightness, romance, wisdom

Play with these astrological sign and their associated values, and notice how they seem to related to your life.


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An Inner Journey:
Living Your Life Purpose

You were born into this world with a purpose. You have important work to do - work that only you can do - in order to be of the greatest good and highest service.

This work is your life purpose.

If you're not living your life purpose you know what it feels like. You go through your days feeling bored, stifled, stagnated, anxious, stuck, resentful, or just plain gritchy. Maybe you're experiencing a combination of several of these. You wish your life was different but don't have a clue how to change it... or even what you'd change it into.

One thing is certain: you know your life is not as satisfying as it could be. You know with all your heart that there's something very important missing from it. You feel like there has to be more to life. And you're right.

What's missing is your life purpose - the soul-satisfying work of your destiny. An Inner Journey leads you to that destiny. It opens you to new awarenesses as you uncover the clues that guide you back to your life purpose.

Using the exercises in this book, you'll become absolutely clear about your life values - what they are, how they work, what they do, and how you can use them to guide you in living your life purpose.

In addition, this book covers other important segments of your journey back to living your life purpose, such as:

  • Using the power of your personal boundaries
  • Defining success your way
  • The art of motivation and manifesting
  • Creating your personal and spiritual support systems
  • Plugging your energy leaks
  • And lots more.

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Bellingham Unity and Wise Awakening
Metaphysical and Wellness Fair!

The Bellingham Unity Church is doing it again! Their events are always especially wonderful. Great people, lots of readers, healers, and products... all within the incredibly love-filled and peaceful energy of this church. It's truly an amazing experience to be in this space with these people.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Psychic readers, astrologers, and Tarot readers
  • Vibrational healers, energy healers, and chakra balancing
  • Crystals and gemstones
  • Beautiful jewelry and clothing
  • Spiritual art
  • Holistic healing products
  • Door prizes
  • And of course I'll be there!

I'll have the Omnidimensional Oracles book available and I'll personally autograph it for you. And I'll be doing readings with the Omnidimensional Oracles cards as well as specially selected Tarot.

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Special Event!!
Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA GROUP Activation!
1pm (during the fair)

Come to this rare special event and experience the activation of your 12 DNA strands. It's been several years since I've done a group DNA activation and I can tell you that this is a most powerful experience for those who participate. I'm gifting this activation to those of you who are ready to step up to the next level of your spiritual and human evolution. If you've already experienced this activation and would like to do it again, please join us.

Saturday January 28, 2017 - 10:00 am to 4:00 PM
Bellingham Unity
1095 Telegraph Road, Bellingham, WA
F-R-E-E Admission

Omnidimensional Oracle
22. Aggregate

All in your world is made of parts and pieces of other things. Most often they are similar, but just as often dissimilar parts come together. The results are widely varying, as you can well imagine.

There is a purpose in all this. It is not by random accident that similar and/or dissimilar parts join with another. Each joining consists of a specific quantity, quality, and type of parts, thus creating a specific aggregate designed for a specific purpose.

In your science of geology there is a rock called an aggregate. It consists of many other types of rocks, all bound together by yet another type of rock which has been naturally ground up and now acts as mortar or cement. This is an example of how all things in your world are made of many other things to create a third entity.

Another example of aggregate is your family unit. It consist of parents, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, in-laws, and often a few unrelated people who are so beloved by all that they become part of the family. This, then, is an aggregate of the people you call "family". All the parts and pieces are different and unique, yet they are bound together by a substance stronger than cement. You call it "love".

Although each unit in a family has its own unique role and purpose, together the aggregate is stronger, more diverse, and has greater power than each one singularly. This is the purpose of aggregate.

Look to your life, your world, and notice how many forms of aggregate surround you daily. Notice, too, how each grouping has greater qualities as an aggregate group than does each part and piece as a single unit.

There is a time and purpose for singularity. However, the greatest in quality and in quantity can be accomplished by an aggregate - people of similar and dissimilar talents, abilities, qualities, and energies, bound together for and by a purpose. Look to the aggregate groups, whether human, mechanical, animal, or plant, for greater results in all that you endeavor to create.

Omnidimensional Oracles is now available
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