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April 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#4



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Under One Roof
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Creating Better Government from Within

The following is a channeled message from The Omnidimensional Beings. As always, their message is not only illuminating, but hopeful.

Although for many years there has been suspicion and secret murmurings about the skewed electoral process and how it has become non-representational of the true will of the majority of people in your country, it wasn't until recently that the outcry was powerful enough to bring this issue to the light so that all would be aware of it. Still, there is much work to be done in order to clear up the darkness of the illegalities of the voting process in your country. This will occur but may take another such election before the work is actually performed.

The important thing is how awakened the people of your country will become. It is no longer viable for them to pretend that things are as they always have been. They aren't now and nor will they ever be the same as they have been.

This is a time of magnificent change. It is not a time of taking tiny baby steps toward change, but instead is a time of leaping forward into the unknown. This is not done blindly or without cause. It can only be done with clear intent of what you wish to have, when and where you land. This can only occur as a result of the situation being so uncomfortable as to roust you out of your complacency, your walking sleep.

For too long the majority of your people have been drifting aimlessly, following whoever happened to have the greatest ability to grab positions of leadership and, thus, power. This is what you have been moving toward for years, over more than a century of your time.

It is you, each of you singularly and you as a collective, who have created this situation. You have only to ask yourself what it is you wished to experience and what it was that which you wished to learn. For it is only through experience that you humans learn. And the greatest learning comes as a result of the most painful experiences.

Know this: when you have gained that knowledge which you wished from this experience, then the situation will end. You will have no need of it anymore and so it will disappear. Should you fail to gain the knowledge you wish, the situation will remain and will very likely become enhanced. The learning experiences begin soft as a whisper and if the learning is not acquired or is not complete, then the experience becomes louder until finally it is at a level that cannot be ignored.

You are at choice all along the way to stop the acceleration of the experience by paying attention and gathering the learning about you. It is by your choice, your free will, that you have created this scenario thus far and it is by your choice that you can alter it or end it as well. Which do you choose?

It is by your belief that you create your world. Beliefs such as:

  • what you believe about yourself regarding what you deserve.
  • what values you hold dear.
  • how much pain do you believe you deserve.

Asking yourself what you believe about these issues and more will open you to awareness of how you have called forth. It is by shifting your beliefs to a higher frequency that you will create a more beneficial set of leaders for you and your country.

Envision those humans with the qualities you desire in the higher offices of your country. Practice seeing them acting out these higher values as they guide and direct the inner workings of your government. Hold the visual of these honorable persons performing their duties with the highest and best interests of this country.

It is by this practice, this method, that you create a better scenario for all.

The Omnis and Kathy

Personal Consultations with the Omnidimensional Beings

The Omnis, as I fondly call them, share information from their Universal perspective to illuminate your path and get you moving in the correct direction for optimum spiritual evolution.

The knowledge they share gives you in-depth information about your issue or challenge, making it easier for you to make the correct choices in your life. New options and potentials appear, giving you awareness of better solutions to the challenges you're facing.

You may request that the Omnis give you information about a specific subject or issue. Examples are:

  • What is my Life Purpose?
  • What is my Soul Contract with this person?
  • How might I access other dimensions?
  • What is the highest purpose of the challenge I'm currently experiencing?
  • How can I heal this health challenge?
  • What are the hidden beliefs that are blocking my progress?
  • What needs to be complete before I can move forward?

At the closing of your session, an Omnidimensional Oracle symbol will be selected for your use in continuance of the revealed wisdom and knowledge given you by the Omnis. It is a valuable aid in understanding how to facilitate improvement in your quality of life. The information contained within the energy of the symbol can take you from the very beginning stages of understanding to the greater utilization of that energy regarding the subject of your session.

More information here:

Omnidimensional Oracle
1. Creation

Numerologically, this year of 2017 is a One year, which is typically interpreted as a year of beginning and creating anew. The Omnidimensional Oracle I randomly selected today for this newsletter is "coincidentally" the 1. Creation.

The energy of this symbol, these lines, as they are and have been received and written is not just about creating pieces of artwork or what have you. It is about the very creation of life. Your life.

The energy of the drawing, this symbol, swings back and forth, and as it does so it creates the energy of life. It is in perpetual movement, as is all life. Never ending, never stopping. Sometimes faster and sometimes slower. Sometimes in one direction and then turning around to move in another direction.

Life is not linear, nor is it of any sort of sameness. It is ever changing, ever moving.

Life is not about balance, which in reality causes stagnation and thus also creates the antithesis of life. Life is about movement and action. This is what creates the very energy of which life itself exists. Without movement, all would be still and dead. The greater the energy, the greater the life force.

All energy is first created with intent, which is born of desire. Desire is a result of dissatisfaction with the current status. And so the desire to create is born, as thought follows thought, bringing the motivation to move into action.

All creation is of equal importance. The creation of a life between two humans is no less and no greater than the creation of a simple sound made by the spoken word. All contain life and to create life in any form is the greatest endeavor in all the Universe. The one who wrote down these words as we gave them is creating life as she performs the act of writing. The very words have life. As you read them, they create thoughts in your head. Thoughts are a form of energy. This has been proven for many years and in many ways by your scientists.

Although all energies are equal in importance, not all energies are equal in quality. Thus the words which you read create thoughts, all of which are equal in import and all of which are of varying qualities.

Thoughts have power beyond that which you understand now. Therefore it is of the utmost value for you to consider the quality of your thoughts, whether they are of your creation or whether you are borrowing them from other sources, such as this that you are now reading or any words you may read, as well as words another is speaking and which you hear.

Remember this: all that you see, all that you have, all that you are, all that you experience began as a thought. That simple, small piece of energy can create great and wonderful things and it can create horrible devastation.

As you think, you create.

What will you create? What are you creating now? If it is not what you desire, not of the highest quality which you rightly deserve, create a new thought so as to correct the energy of your creation.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

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